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Sand Mitigation around Railway Tracks


Career Development Plans

The Career Development Plans (CDPs) will be established jointly by the ESR and by the two supervisors within the first two months. The CDP will comprise the ESR's training and career needs, including planning for publications and participation in international conferences in agreement with the rules by the doctorate schools involved. The CDP will be clearly formulated and signed by the PhD candidate and their supervisors; afterward it will be approved by the Scientific Board.

Mid-Term Report

The Mid-term report will be submitted before the Mid-Term Network Meeting (NM3 in the Gantt Chart, see Annex 1B) takes place.

Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreement is signed by all the consortium components.

Supervisory Board of the network

The Supervisory Board of the network is established

Progress Report

The report describes the progress and current status of the project


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