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Innovative multi-functional Vacuum-Insulation-Panels (VIPs) for use in the building sector

Resultado final

Operational Carbon and Embodied Energy Analyses

Assessment of the INNOVIP product for future suitability for zero emission buildings. Combined analysis of operational energy in comparison to the embodied energy.

Design verification

A complete set of testing will be performed on the INNOVIP prototype in order to check if it presents expected specifications.

Performance and Properties of Nano-Coatings

Characterization of nanomaterials and assessment of nanocoatings performances

Performance and Properties of Envelopes

VIP-envelope characterization on metallized polymeric substrates (PET/EVOH, PET), lacquered metallized barrier films and laminated multi-layered structures

Functionalities and Materials

Report of selected nano-based specific formulations with its corresponding full characterisation

Installation Process and Commissioning

Realization of all works related to use of the new VIP panels will be discreetly observed, documented, evaluated and reported in terms of speed, proneness of installation mistakes, and work safety.

User Guidelines and Training Concept

User guidelines and the training concept (ITE, SOP) ready for market entry

LCC Report

Result of First and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analyses in order to identify the competitive economic ranking of the solutions developed within the project an economic appraisal will be reported based both on a ‘first’ cost basis and full LCC appraisal.

CE Testing Results

The product will be subject to testing requested in the frame of the CE mark certification process according to existing CE marking of standard VIP.

Thermal simulation results and analyses report

Energy savings associated with the technical solutions proposed within the project will be assessed using thermal dynamic simulation modelling

Design Documentation and Monitoring Concept

Detailed scope and time schedule of all the construction works, monitoring concept and experiments.

LCA Report

The results of the calculations of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and energy and carbon benefits will be reported using industry standard appraisal methodologies. LCA is standardised by ISO norms 14040-14044, and, specifically for the construction sector, by the European standards EN 15804 and EN 15978

Thermal and hygric performance evaluation

Performance of INNOVIP insulation will be compared to the standard solutions applied at the same building.

Final PEDR and Publication of Results

final publication of non-confidential results and final plan (M35)

Performance and Properties of Core Materials

VIP-Core material characterization on perlite and fumed silica loose fill

Construction Catalogue and recommendations for use

Construction catalog and recommendations for use of INNOVIP panels in several applications is developed

Communication Package

Communication Package (Fyler; Rollups; Homepage; Logo) ready

Prototypes for demonstration

For the demonstration purposes large scale specimens are produced

Organisation of final meeting and Presentation to the Public

a final meeting with all project partners and stakeholders will be organized, where the results and prototypes will be presented to the public (e.g. a scientific conference etc.)


IVIS 2017 Abstract Book

Autores: many
Publicado en: Proceedings, 2017
Editor: CSTB France