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Hybrid automated machine integrating concurrent manufacturing processes, increasing the production volume of functional on-demand using high multi-material deposition rates


KRAKEN will develop a disruptive hybrid manufacturing concept to equip SME and large industries with affordable All-in-one machine for the customised design, production/reparation and quality control of functional parts (made in aluminium, thermoset or both materials combined from 0,1m till 20m) through subtractive and novel additive technologies in vast working areas without floor space requirements.
In KRAKEN project, new additive technologies targeting large areas using aluminium grades as well as thermoset materials will be validated at lab scale (TRL 4) and in relevant environments (TRL 5) and finally integrated and combined (¡Error! No se encuentra el origen de la referencia.) for the demonstration in industrial relevant environments (TRL 6).
KRAKEN will collaborate to the consolidation of the Hybrid Manufacturing value chain by means of a consortium specially selected for linking research results to technological necessities in the fields of software, monitoring, automation, materials, standardization and end-users.
KRAKEN machine will be devoted to the production and reparation of functional parts of any size with dimensional tolerances under 0.3 millimetres and surface roughness under Ra 0,1 µm aiming to achieve 40% reduction in time and 30 % in cost and 25% increase in productivity.
KRAKEN machine will be based on hybrid approach merging MEGAROB subtractive machine (working area 20x6x3 metres) together with high efficient metallic and novel non-metallic AM.
After the end of the project, KRAKEN machine will be an affordable solution (1.5M€ estimated selling price, lower than current equipment and strategies for the production of final parts) for the customised production of large size functional parts; decreasing time (40%) and cost (30%), increasing productivity (at least 25%) and with a 90 % reduction of floor space required because it uses an ceiling installation broadly extended into the whole industry

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