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CORDIS - Resultados de investigaciones de la UE

Support Procurements for Innovative transport and mobility solutions in City Environment

Resultado final

Recommendations on Mobility Services

This deliverable is focused on providing recommendations on mobility services.

Catalogue of best practices

This report is a set of well documented best practices on procurements in the field of the four cluster topics.

Overview of formed Common Buyers Groups

Overview of formed common buyer groups (PU): this deliverable will summarise the common buyer groups formed within the framework of SPICE and their activities.

Recommendations on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services

This deliverable is focused on providing recommendations on Intelligent Transport Systems and Services.

Recommendations on Alternatively fuelled vehicles and infrastructure

This deliverable is focused on providing recommendations on alternatively fuelled vehicles and infrastructure.

Specification required input

This deliverable is to define what kind of information will be needed for collecting best practices and will select them .

SPICE Stakeholder Group Launch

This report will provide details of the launch event of the group and key outcomes of user need surveys and discussion.

Brochure on Best practices of public procurement in Europe

This brochure aims to describe best examples of existing procurements.

SPICE Stakeholder Group design and Dissemination and Communication Strategy

This deliverable describes type of stakeholders, their roles and how to communicate project activities and outcomes with the stakeholder group and external parties who are interested in SPICE.

Best Practices in Common Procurements

Best practices in common procurements (PU): this deliverable will specifically study all existing common procurements including examples, legal frameworks, outcomes and benefits; this deliverable will also give summarise on needs and potential opportunities of common buyer groups.

Definition of clusters and categories

this deliverable is to define cluster topics and categories needed for procurement case study

Interim Report

this deliverable is to inform EC and all stakeholders on all activates carried out and the current project situation and further steps.

Recommendations on Others (to be defined)

This deliverable is focused on providing recommendations on other types of services.

Evaluation report

This report will describe impacts of SPICE activities on forming common buyer groups and raising awareness

Brochure on Capacity building and Training

This brochure will give information to all stakeholders on capacity building and training activities of this project to attract more stakeholders to join.

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