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Inline/Instant Measurement for PhArma eXtrusion

Resultado final

Project website creation

The project website will be created in order to provide information and access to papers and any other non-confidential documentation related to the IMPAX project. The website will be operational early in the project and will be designed to be the main information repository of the project, indicating its objectives, the technology and all the activities related to its commercialization (including contacts and business developments/progress). The website will be user-friendly and have an easy access, in order to facilitate the communication with the public.

Target of 10 events

Within its dissemination strategy, ColVisTec will proactively promote and publish project results in order to build up a widely recognised and scientific-proven image of the process control and consequently generate end users trust and loyalty in the innovation. ColVisTec will pursue this aim first by organizing workshops addressed to a selected number of relevant stakeholders. Second, it will actively and jointly participate in public conferences, industry seminars, international and national events organised by relevant institutions and R&D centres related to the Pharma sector which will give exposure to key relevant players. Backed by established experience in dealing with polymer and plastic manufactures, ColVisTec holds track record in participating at seminars and industry workshops

Dissemination materials

A set of promotion and dissemination material will be created and used during the project's life cycle: a) Logo, flyer, brochure, folder and poster; b) videos; c) newsletter; d) stakeholders list; e) mass media; f) international dissemination events.

Techno-commercial Pharma case studies

During the performance verification testing in pharma industrial environments, some companies will already access direct experience in implementing ColVisTec's multi-spectra platform in their manufacturing process. These Pharma end users’ validations will be properly documented and presented under the suitable format of Techno-commercial Pharma Case Studies. Confidential information contained in the reports will be kept protected and private for disclosing these case studies to a wider public and enabling their potential support as reliable proofs in the commercialization phase.


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