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Communication Systems for Next-generation Railways


Final Dissemination Report

This document is the final dissemination report produced at the end of the project.

Dissemination Plan

The Dissemination Plan describes the initial dissemination strategy and plan agreed with other Consortium partners. The plan will be continually monitored, updated and reported during the course of the project.

Report on Technical and Quality of Service Viability

The report describes the Specification and feasibility analysis of Railway specific Emergency Calls over IP and the Requirements Specification and Feasibility Estimate of Railway specific mandatory QoS to new communication system.

Report on Market Forces

The report reviews the current market landscape meant to contribute to the AS-IS scenario and the survey of market trends that will shape the TO-BE scenario.

Validated Techno-economic proposition

The report describes the final techno-economic proposition validated in view of the findings generated by WP3 (Business Viability Analysis) and WP4 (Technical Viability Analysis).

Scenario Portfolio and Techno-economic proposition

The report covers the following: - Review of the scenario as it is today (including stakeholder analysis, safety measures, policies & regulations) - Characterization of possible future scenarios in light of a number of driving forces (including safety trends and regulatory trends) - Specification of a sound market proposition fitting with TO-BE scenarios (including elicitation of requirements, use cases design, safety compliance)

Technological Forces and Railway Performance Conditions Analysis

The report reviews the current technological landscape and railway specific parameters contributing to the AS-IS scenario (e. g., data bandwidth, number of UEs/connections, operational voice requirements).

Report on Business Viability

The report describes the value network enabling the techno-economic proposition designed in D2.1 (Scenario portfolio and techno-economic proposition). It describes the offerings and business rationale enabling the techno-economic proposition (Business model) and a comparative quantitative analysis based on life cycle costs.


Main features: - Website available from the kick-off of the Project. - Different access rights (public and private). - Web publication of public deliverables.