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CORDIS - Resultados de investigaciones de la UE

Demonstration of INTElligent grid technologies for renewables INTEgration and INTEractive consumer participation enabling INTEroperable market solutions and INTErconnected stakeholders

Resultado final

Stakeholder feedback and acceptance report in SE

The report summarizing stakeholder feedback and end-user evaluation collected through dedicated surveys in two demonstration sites: Stockholm Royal Seaport and Hammarby Sjöstad.

Business models to support the developed concepts

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.3.1. The goal of this subtask is to identify and propose a set of business models and evaluate their potential implementation under the different regulatory and market conditions found in the target countries. The results of the stakeholder consultation perform in subtask 7.3.2, and presented in D7.6 will be used to update and refine the proposed business models.

Replication roadmap

This deliverable will present the results of task 8.5 and will summarize the best practices and elaborate a roadmap out of them. For this, the results of the scalability and replicability analysis will be analysed in a process including external stakeholders in order to elaborate a replication roadmap identifying best practices and proposing replication paths.

Updated comparative analysis of regulatory frameworks in the target countries

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.1.1. The goal of this subtask is to build on the activities of Task 1.3 in order to provide a comprehensive an updated review of existing regulatory frameworks in the target countries (Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia). This review will be used as the starting point for the subsequent critical analysis to identify existing barriers and propose specific regulatory recommendations.

Detailed specification and guidelines for field testing in SL

This report will detail the field-test procedures of selected tools, according to the use cases defined in WP1.

Economic and regulatory scalability and replicability of the InteGrid smart grid functionalities

This deliverable will present the results of task 8.4. The goal of this task is to identify the factors that may act as barriers or enablers for an effective and efficient deployment of the proposed technologies and solutions in the target countries as well as other selected countries within the project consortium and/or stakeholder board members. The topics considered will include the DSO economic regulation and the design of energy and ancillary services markets.

Consumers’ engagement strategies

Design of innovative engagement strategies with a mix of several welfare criteria targeting communities

DSO grid Stakeholder feedback and acceptance report in SL

Stakeholder feedback reports from demonstration use cases

Report from the joint monitoring of demos

This deliverable will present the results of task 2.5. The goal of this task is to collect information from the demonstrators, to be used for the scalability and replicability analysis (SRA) as well as the CBA analysis, and to quantify and evaluate the demonstration results. This work follows the implementation plan from Task 2.4 and consists in: (1) information collection from the demonstrators via regular meetings and two workshops with demo leaders and participants; (2) extraction and analysis of the relevant data for the SRA from the measurement data repositories used by each demonstrator; (3) Computation and analysis of KPIs defined in Task 1.2 and refined in Task 2.4.

Use cases and requirements

Definition of the use cases and requirements of the functions to be demonstrated. The report will also contain a list of defined KPI.

Business models resulting from the innovative concepts

The purpose of this deliverable is to cope with the economic and business framework of the solutions developed in this work package, namelly the VPP concept and the HEMS, which put a special focus on the customer as an active player of the energy system. The report intends to assess the market and regulatory conditions for the deployment of this solutions.

Implementation plan for demonstration

Plan for the installation and configuration of equipment and/or systems; strategies for fostering end-user engagement where applicable; measurement and calculation of the KPI’s defined in WP1.

Stakeholder feedback and acceptance report in PT

This deliverable aims to summarize the results obtained with the user engagement, namelly: involvement of the end-user on the residential levels and their overall evaluation (impacts, advantages, disadvantages, recommendations) of the HEMS installed in theirs houses the same evaluation and inputs are gathered from other stakeholders, such as the industrial partner, giving insights on the impacts, advantages, disadvantages and recommendations.

Regulatory barriers in target countries and recommendations to overcome them

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.1.2. The goal of this subtask is to identify existing regulatory barriers to the implementation of successful smart grid solutions (leveraging on demonstration activities, the CBA and the SRA) tested within the project and provide recommendations to overcome them. This analysis will be focused on the selected target countries (Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Slovenia), although they may also be applicable for similar EU contexts.

Basis for the cost-benefit analysis

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.2.1. The goal of this subtask is to perform all preparatory activities for carrying out the CBA analysis: scope definition, scalability analysis, mapping assets, functionalities and benefits, and baseline definition for the target countries.


Within this deliverable, the website of the project will be developed. The website will provide information on the objectives and deliverables of the project, the progress of the work, project partners and will also serve as one of the main tools for dissemination of key findings of the project. It will also provide links to other similar projects and activities across the EU and the world.

Technical scalability and replicability of the InteGrid smart grid functionalities

This deliverable will present the results of tasks 8.1 and 8.2. This deliverable will - Identify and formalize the factors impacting the deployment potential of smart grid technologies (in terms of scalability and replicability) - Assess the scalability and replicability (technical, economic and regulatory) of the of the smart grid technologies implemented and tested in the InteGrid demonstrators from the technical point of view.

Validation test plan

This deliverable is the outcome of Subtask 2.3.1. It describes the devices under test, and the test plan and schedule for the validation of the functions developed in Task 2.1 (grid management prototypes) and Task 2.2 (grid user active participation prototypes). The test plan addresses hardware and software tests, aiming at functional testing, compliance with current standards, and safety, reliability and security testing. Different validation methods are used: simulation, experimental activities in laboratory and hardware-in-the-loop testing.

Report on current market and regulatory incentives and barriers

This deliverable will present the results of task 1.3. The goal of this task is to perform a preliminary assessment of the existing regulatory frameworks and market designs in the target countries and review the regulatory recommendations provided by previous European projects and relevant working groups. This deliverable will be a reelevant input to the work in WP7 which will update the regulatory review, identify existing barriers to the deployment of the tested solutions and propose specific recommendations.

Stakeholder consultation

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.3.2. The goal of this subtask is to carry out a consultation process among relevant stakeholders in order to identify limiting factors and acceptance issues concerning the aforementioned business models. This deliverable will summarize the consultation means implemented (surveys, interviews, workshops, etc.) as well as the results obtained and will be a key input to incorporate not only purely technical and economic aspects, but also environmental, socioeconomic and stakeholders perceptions.

Cost-benefit analysis (methodology and results)

This deliverable will present the results of subtask 7.2.2. The goal of this subtask is to collect all the data necessary to perform the CBA of the tested smart grid solutions and to actually perform the quantitative analysis. This report will include a senstitivty analysis to relevant parameters under two different scenarios: i) isolated operation of the individual solutions and ii) integrated operation of the different concepts/technologies.



Autores: Lopes, Diogo; André, Ricardo; Moreira, Jorge; Simões, Micael; Sampaio, Gil; Rua, David; Machado, Paulo; Bessa, Ricardo; Abreu, Cláudia; Madureira, André
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Data Economy for Prosumers in a Smart Grid Ecosystem

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LV network control architecture: H2020 InteGrid case study

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Smart grid Ellevio - Demo Stockholm

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Avoid technical problems in LV networks: from data-driven monitoring to predictive control

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New Business Models Enabled by Smart Grid Technology and their Implications for DSOs

Autores: Leandro Lind, Rafael Cossent, Pablo Frías
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Probabilistic Low-Voltage State Estimation Using Analog-Search Techniques

Autores: Ricardo Bessa, Gil Sampaio, Vladimiro Miranda, Jorge Pereira
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Grid and Market Hub: Empowering Local Energy Communities in InteGrid

Autores: Matos, Pedro; Prates, Inês; Pires, Guido; Bessa, Ricardo; Coelho, Fábio; Rodrigues, Xavier; Alonso, Ana; Soares, Tiago; Shahrokni, Hossein; Mäkivierikko, Aram
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Editor: CIRED
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The Traffic Light System to support Flexibility Exploitation from stressed distribution grids

Autores: J.Le Baut, F.Leimgruber, C.Korner, C.Gutschi
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Grid and Market Hub Platform to enable a data-driven smart grid economy

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Identifying a Potential for the Development of the New Services for the DSO

Autores: Ursula Krisper; Turha Boris; Kržišnik Miha
Publicado en: Edición 1, 2019
Editor: """14. KONFERENCA SLOVENSKIH ELEKTROENERGETIKOV – Laško 2019 14th Conference of Slovenian Electrical Power Engineers CIDED ŠK 6-05 """
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InteGrid pilot in Portugal: Smart Grid based flexibility management tools for LV and MV predictive grid operation

Autores: André, Ricardo; Lopes, Diogo; Fonseca, David; Almeida, Bernardo; Bessa, Ricardo; Madureira, André; Simões, Micael; Silva, João; Sampaio, Gil; Andrade, José; Viana, João; Ramirez, Javier; Gutschi, Christoph
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Effective design of in-home displays

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Exploring the viability of a local social network for creating persistently engaging energy feedback and improved human well-being

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A Novel Methodology for the Scalability Analysis of ICT Systems for Smart Grids Based on SGAM: The InteGrid Project Approach

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Distribution Grid Fault Location: An Analysis of Methods for Fault Location in LV and MV Power Distribution Grids

Autores: J. von Euler-Chelpin
Publicado en: 2018
Editor: Uppsala University

Evaluation of a Centralized Substation Protection and Control system for HV/MV Substation

Autores: J. Ljungberg
Publicado en: 2018
Editor: Uppsala University

Internet of Things. Information Processing in an Increasingly Connected World - First IFIP International Cross-Domain Conference, IFIPIoT 2018, Held at the 24th IFIP World Computer Congress, WCC 2018, Poznan, Poland, September 18-19, 2018, Revised Selected Papers

Autores: Mário Nunes, Rita Alves, Augusto Casaca, Pedro Póvoa, José Botelho
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Smart Energy City Final Report Stockholm Royal Seaport

Autores: Fortum, Ellevio, ABB, Ericsson, Electrolux, KTH and Swedish Energy Agency
Publicado en: 2018
Editor: Swedish Energy Agency

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