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Flexible Heat and Power, Connecting heat and power networks by harnessing the complexity in distributed thermal flexibility.


Report on dissemination and standardization activities

This periodically updated report will provide an overview of the completed and planned dissemination activities like open workshops or joint workshops with other related projects, conferences and publications, and interactions with standardization groups.

FHP Dissemination and Communication Plan

The Dissemination and Communication plan will describe the projects dissemination and communication strategy including a list of relevant events, conferences, publications ... that are relevant to disseminate the projects results and received feedback from relevant stakeholders.

Overview of local DSO grid services and curtailment mitigation Business Cases incl. Mapping on Business Models

This report will document the Business Cases incl. their mapping on Business Models using the SGAM interoperability framework.

Pilot definition

A description of the pilots in which the FHP solution will be validated together with a definition of the evaluation KPI’s.

FHP Standard-based multi-agent interoperable framework architecture

This deliverable will contain the specification and design of the proposed ICT framework: list of agents/functionalities and their interactions/interfaces.

Summary and validation results

Summary of the main conclusions and lesson learned from the two validation pilots.

Ecovat validation

Results of the validation carried out in Ecovat.

Karlshamn validation

Results of the validation carried out in Karlshamn.

FHP Website, Branding and Social Media Channels

The Project website is the deliverable 5.1 that will be available in M3 containing public information about the project itself, technical information like publishable presentations, leaflets, papers of journals, a section for press releases and a blog.

FHP International Conference

4 National Workshops (Benelux-Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden) plus an International Conference in Spain are the result of deliverable D5.3. First two workshops in Spain and Benelux will be held in the beginning of third year (months 24-26). The other two will be held during the second half of the third year of the project (months 30-36). The International Conference will be held at the end of the project (months 34 to 36).


Flexibility quantification in the context of flexible heat and power for buildings

Author(s): Javier Arroyo, Suryanarayana Gowri, Fjo De Ridder, Lieve Helsen
Published in: Proceedings of the 2018 REHVA Annual Meeting Conference, Low Carbon Technologies in HVAC, 2018
Publisher: REVHA

Prototyping the BOPTEST Framework for Simulation-Based Testing of Advanced Control Strategies in Buildings

Author(s): Blum, David; Jorissen, Filip; Huang, Sen; Arroyo, Javier; Benne, Kyle; Li, Yanfei; Gavan, Valentin; Rivalin, Lisa; Helsen, Lieve; Vrabie, Draguna; Wetter, Michael; Sofos, Marina
Published in: Building Simulation 2019 Conference, Rome, 2019
Publisher: University of California

A Python-Based Toolbox for Model Predictive Control Applied to Buildings

Author(s): Javier Arroyo, Bram Van Der Heijde, Alfred Spiessens, Lieve Helsen
Published in: International High Performance Buildings Conference, 2018
Publisher: Purdue University

Optimal Flexibility Dispatch Problem Using Second-Order Cone Relaxation of AC Power Flow

Author(s): Shahab Shariat Torbaghan, Gowri Suryanarayana, Hanspeter Hoschle, Reinhilde D'hulst, Frederik Geth, Caerts Chris, Dirk Van Hertem
Published in: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2019, Page(s) 1-1, ISSN 0885-8950
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
DOI: 10.1109/tpwrs.2019.2929845

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