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Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation

Project description

Igniting media revolution in the Future Internet

Meeting the ever-growing demand for personalised, interactive, mobile and localised media experiences is a big challenge for the Future Media Internet (FMI) in the digital age. In response, the EU-funded FLAME project aims to seamlessly integrate over the-top solutions with programmable communication and computing infrastructures. Overall, it will reshape the FMI landscape. The project’s main objective is to establish a trusted platform that brings together technology, creative sectors, and consumers to pioneer innovative media applications and services. Through real-life experimentation and advanced tools, FLAME will empower industry players, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights into solution performance, acceptance and viability. With FLAME Trailblazers leading the way and a sustainable investment strategy, the project will boost European competitiveness and propel the future of media forward.


The Future Media Internet (FMI) will be driven by evolving existing over-the-top (OTT) solutions towards a stronger integration with emerging programmable communication and computing infrastructures to address consumer demand for personalised, interactive, mobile and localised media experiences. Creating a trusted platform that brings together technology, creative sectors and consumers in the development of pioneering media applications and services will be crucial to drive European innovation and competitiveness. FLAME will address this goal by establishing an FMI ecosystem based on the largescale experimentation of novel FMI products and services using real-life adaptive experimental infrastructures encompassing not only the compute and storage facilities but also the underlying software-enabled communication infrastructure. FLAME’s ecosystem will engage both the creative industries (broadcast, gaming, etc.) and ICT industries (telcos, services) responsible for online distribution, broadcast, communication, and distribution of digital content. Through acceleration methodologies and an advanced experimentation platform (surrogate service management, adaptive service routing, experimental media service chains and experimentation toolbox), FLAME will allow industry, SMEs and entrepreneurs to conduct experiments in real-life experimental infrastructures and gain insight into the performance, acceptance and viability of solutions. FLAME’s innovation potential will be maximised by establishing FLAME Trailblazers (Bristol, Barcelona) to show the way for FLAME Replicators across Europe using a replication process based on best practice sustainability, governance, and engagement models, and infrastructure standards and specifications. A 3rd party investment strategy will create a vibrant FMI ecosystem that adds significant value to current FIRE+ efforts, and puts in place measures for long term sustainability.

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