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Internet of Food and Farm 2020


Hosting environment and IoF2020 Lab

Development and provision of an experimental infrastructure serving experi¬mentation and validation in the pilots. Full commercial type usage goes beyond this deliverable itself, but it prepares the baseline to even extend the required SLA and commercial procurement by individual use case related users. (Leader: FF, M30; O, PU)

Enhancement and Configurations of Open Platforms and Reusable Components

Enhancement and Configurations of Open Platforms and Reusable Components: Additions to existing components required by the IoF2020 use cases, while aiming at the realisation of modules that are also applicable for future usage. Usage is generally public, while source code availability depends on the underlying model of the existing module, preferably open source (Leader: FF, M30; O, PU)

Literature review

Literature review

Progress Report on Synergy Analysis, Decisions and Coordination of Work

All use cases are analysed for synergetic developments and decisions by the PIB will be facilitated. Related synergies and decisions will be documented and communicated in the scope of this deliverable. (Leader: WR, M18 & 30, R, PU)

Opportunities and Barriers in the present regulatory situation for system development

The deliverable will compile all the use case related opportunities and barriers to facilitate and trigger collaboration and synergies between use cases and as input for collaboration with external stakeholders (Leader: FF, M14, R, PU)

Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations: At mid-term in the project, compilation of key policy requirements that are aiming at a regulatory influence towards the post project exploitation phase, for enabling different stakeholder groups to take full advantage of the IoF2020 validation and demonstration results. (Leader: GS1, M24, R, PU)

Data Management Plan

D1.4.1: Data Management Plan: Document describing how data will be managed in the pilot, including guidelines for data management in IoT. (Leader: DLO, M6, R, PU)

Methodology to assess market outlook and social impact for each use case (M6):

D4.2 Methodology to assess market outlook and social impact for each use case (M6): This deliverable identifies and characterises key market trends and social-economic development and develops a methodology for business impact assessment and social impact assessment. (Leader: DLO, M6, R, PU)

Scale-Up Demonstration Report

D2.5.1: Scale-Up Demonstration Report: The Report will describe all implemented demonstration activities envisaged in T2.5, informational/promotional material used, tools used to collect feedback, and present the collected feedback and analysis thereof. The report will be published two times during the course of the project, to capture the distinct phases of the demonstration activities. (Leader: BIOS, M33, M48, R, PU)

Taxonomy of business models relevant to IoT applications

This deliverable characterises the key components of business models relevant to IoT applications and sets out principles for developing business models for specific use cases. (Leader: WR, M12, R, PU)

The IoF2020 Use Case Architectures and overview of the related IoT Systems

D3.1.2 The IoF2020 Use Case Architectures and overview of the related IoT Systems: Compilation of reusable IoT system components that could be relevant to the agri-food domain and specifically to IoF2020 use cases. (Leader: ISMB, M9 & 18, R, P)

Cards for the interactive session

his deliverable is based on the interviews planned in task 3.

Open Call Realisation

D3.6.1 : The technology related realisation of the open call will be supported in T3.6 and related announcement prepared that are based on the technological requirements of the use cases. (Leader: ATB, M24, R, PU)

KPI Catalogue for each use case (M6):

This deliverable lists all KPIs and variables measured regarding its business impact and shows the value network characteristics of each use case. This might be a valuable source for other companies in this field to assess their performance and enhance the understanding of market potentials. (Leader: WR, M6, R, PU)

Guidelines for Use Case Analysis & Design

D3.1.1 Guidelines for Use Case Analysis & Design: Approach and reference architecture to be applied for the analysis, design and conception of IoT based solutions in WP2. It is based on past partners’ activities in IoT initiatives and specifically w.r.t. FIWARE and Open IoT platforms. (Leader: ISMB, M9, R, PU)

IoF2020 Reference Catalogue for the reuse of Open Platforms

Type of catalogue or an extension to existing resources like the FIWARE catalogue or the IoT open platforms initiative. (Leader: UNPARRALLEL, M24, DEC, PU)

Project website

D5.2 Project website (S&P, M6, DEC, PU)

Project Identity

D5.1 : logo, style book, communication formats (S&P, M4, DEC, PU)

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