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Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - GamECAR (Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information)

Reporting period: 2018-07-01 to 2018-12-31

1.1. What is the problem/issue being addressed?
Driving style is seen not only to become a significant cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) and other air pollutant emissions but also a critical parameter regarding road safety, with huge social & financial adverse effects. GamECAR aims to develop a highly innovative and interactive Serious Games platform that will empower and guide users to adopt an eco-friendly driving style. This will be achieved, without distracting users from safe driving, through a multidisciplinary approach aiming at the development of a user friendly, unobtrusive multi-player gaming environment, where the users will not only play collaboratively/competitively using their mobile device but also using the car itself and their own bodies, thus turning eco-driving into an immersive and highly motivating experience.

1.2 Why is it important for society?

Road transport is one of the major causes of the environmental pollution. According to a recent study it is responsible for about 30% on the total emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Among the actions individuals can take to reduce their green-house gases associated with personal transportation, there is to operate their current vehicles more efficiently. Recent studies have shown that in certain situations the driver's driving style can result in differences in terms of fuel consumption (and therefore CO2 emissions) from 2 up to 35% between a calm driver and an aggressive one. At this point, it should be also mentioned that numerous studies have underlined the substantial ecological, economic but, also, road safety adverse benefits that can be derived from adopting eco-driving behaviours.
The use of different gamification elements in GamECAR is not only applicable to new drivers for teaching them correct driving habits but can also be used for improving the efficiency of existing ones. The benefits of GamECAR to the society can be summarized in the following points:
1. Drivers will not only save on fuel and maintenance costs, but also will engage in a pleasant and safe trip, both for them and their passengers.
2. The overall gains will be immediate and evident across the whole fleet, regardless of the age and technology of the vehicle.
3. Less aggressive driving will lead to a decrease in the total number of accidents and therefore a decrease in the accompanying insurance costs.
4. Eco-driving is an environmentally friendly practice that leads to a decrease in amount of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere as well as an overall decrease in the noise pollution, especially for densely populated cities.

1.1. What are the overall objectives?

The major scientific Objectives of GamECAR, are:
Objective 1: To develop Interactive Serious Games that will motivate users to adopt an EcoDriving Styles
Objective 2: Continuous \ context-aware, multi-parametric monitoring of EcoDriving related parameters
Objective 3: To develop a “personalized monitoring and guidance EcoDriving platform”
Objective 4: Exploration of predictive value of EcoDriving Indicators that will result in the design of more efficient Serious Games.
Objective 5: Development of Multiplayer game environments that will also support social interactions
Objective 6: Testing and evaluation of the prototype using different types of drivers/vehicles.
Objective 7: Exploitation of the GamECAR project results helping SMEs to size new Businesses
Major outcomes from the beginning of the project until the end, include the identification of requirements, the definition of GamECAR specifications and architecture, the definition of sensing components and their integration to the GamECAR Smart Sensing System prototype. Furthermore, online and offline data analysis tools have been developed for the analysis of multi-parametric data, towards the fuel consumption and EcoScore calculation while links between rewarding gamification elements and the user’s driving performance have been also established. A Decision Support System (DSS) has been developed for communicating and presenting eco suggestions to a driver in a tailored, contextualized, timely and safe manner. The aforementioned components have been integrated in an interactive gamified mobile and web application that have been designed using several game-related design guidelines/ elements as means to encourage ecodriving behaviors. Moreover, several online and offline visualization components have been added both to the mobile application and to the virtual community platform, allowing the used to monitor its common mistakes on a interactive Eco-Map. The above mobile and web applications has been developed and fine-tuned during the quantification/evaluation test campaigns and the small-scale trials of the project that served also for models’ optimization and validation purposes. These trials and field experiments have been performed with respect to the ethical procedures of each country.
Efforts have been given also for the dissemination of the project in online social media as well as automotive oriented and technological conferences. The newsletter of the first and second year of the project has been prepared and published online and the project video has been finalized. A detailed dissemination strategy was prepared and used as the guideline for the activities of the second year. IPR issues, Market analysis and an Exploitation strategy have been finalized following the specific technical achievements of the project.
Gamification Concepts to adopt eco-driving behaviours
GamECAR relies on the gamification concept offering both direct and indirect feedback to the user allowing him/her to manage his/her driving behavior by: i) conveying educational messages, ii) encouraging certain activities through game-based elements such as competition or rewards and iii) providing them with user friendly tools that will increase their awareness of their ecodriving state and effectiveness of the intervention strategies.

Self-management of EcoDriving Behaviours via Direct and Indirect feedback
GamECAR has developed novel direct and indirect feedback in the context of highly innovative gamification elements responsive for motivating user to adopt an eco-friendly driving style for the EcoDriving self-management system.

User Profiling & cognitive Models
The GamECAR system provides a personalized, physiological, predictive, carbon footprint-aware and goal-driven virtual user model that will help to estimate the evolution of the real user driving behavior and the negative consequences that will have in the society.

Data acquisition, management and knowledge discovery in driving style data
A significant pillar of the GamECAR project covers the design and development of the Smart Sensing System prototype, a novel IoT platform that will allow precise sensor orchestration, data acquisition, handling, manipulation and storage, paired with algorithm execution for advanced analytics and knowledge extraction from all available information and datasets.