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Gamification of EcoDriving Behaviours through Intelligent Management of dynamic car and driver information


Dissemination Plan and GamECAR dissemination material

This deliverable will provide a detailed report of a clear communication policy that identifies the relevant audiences to target and the appropriate channels to use for that. Reports on the dissemination activities and materials will be produced corresponding to the key milestones of the project. Different versions will be delivered on M3,M12,M18 and M24.

Analysis of current practices

The main goal of this document is to report on the current advances in the area of knowledge management systems and sensors for monitoring driving behavior as well as AR serious games for motivating users to adopt specific behaviours

Online analysis of data

It reports on existing and new techniques for real-time online data pre-processing and data reduction of streaming data from social, behavioural, techbnical detailes of drivers/vehicle. A preliminary version wll be prepared for M09 and the final will be delivered on M12.

Small-scale evaluation report

This document provides the results of a small-scale evaluation of the developed system in real life environments. A cohort of drivers will test the ability of the signal analysis algorithms to automatically categorize the signals on the basis of ecodriving behaviour and the sensitivity of the sensors with respect to different conditions. A preliminary version will be prepared on M6 and the final will be delivered on M24.

Analysis of hardware devices and software tools. Game hardware and software design

This document will contain the studies made on the different devices, architectures, and software platforms available for the project's game system. It will identify the devices taking part in the GamECAR game architecture and also the graphics engines to be used for games development.

Offline analysis of data

This is a public document reporting on the tools developed for offline analysis of multi-parametric data (correlation with other stored data about the Driver), as well as for a functionality that will provide feedback to the online analysis model. A preliminary version will be prepared for M09 and the final will be delivered on M12.

Field trials report & Socio-economic guidelines

This deliverable reports the results of the final evaluation of GamECAR during the two-phase trials. In addition it will report the GamECAR socio-economic and organizational impact based on the analysis of the results from the evaluation process and will assess what the principles and interventions imply for the adoption of GamECAR by the different stakeholders.

Assessment protocol

This is a public report describing the way the pilot studies will be organized, supported and managed throughout the duration of the project. A preliminary version will be prepared on M12 and a final will be delivered on M18

Definition of sensor components and communication strategy

This report presents the progress and design steps made towards the implementation of the GamECAR sensing infrastructure.

User requirements, use cases, UCD methodology and final protocols of evaluation studies

The current deliverable is directly connected with the work performed under the Tasks T2.1 “SoA assessment, User requirements and GamECAR use cases” and T2.2 “GamECAR UCD methodology” and serves as a detailed summary of their outcomes towards the project objectives.

GamECAR Web Platform

The goal of this deliverable is to provide the GamECAR Virtual Community platform for Driving educators, drivers, insurance companies and other stakeholders. A preliminary version will be prepared on M18 and the final will be delivered on M24.

GamECAR Personal Guidance Application

The implementation of a “Virtual Guidance Agent” (3D avatar) will essentially support most of the functionalities included in the Personal Guidance Application following the user-friendly principle of computer animation. A preliminary version wll be prepared on M16 and the final will be delivered on M20.

Dynamic User Profiling models and driver cognitive Models

The focus of the first deliverable D4.1. is to provide a detailed definition of a patient model representation format. A demonstration of the processing steps that are followed in order to include these entities to the user models, using the most appropriate representation framework will be provided. A preliminary version (Report) will be delivered on M09 and the final (Demonstrator) will be provided on M12

Project Web Presence

This deliverable will be a web site including a usable content management system (in the form of a Wiki, and a blog of research and personal experiences, where partners can put articles about intermediate results, events, writing of press releases, newsletters, participation to special events, GamECAR workshops, GamECAR demos, etc.


Dynamic risk assessment during eco-driving behaviors for conventionally fueled vehicles

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Uncertainty Management for Wearable IoT Wristband Sensors Using Laplacian-Based Matrix Completion

Author(s): Stavros Nousias, Christos Tselios, Dimitris Bitzas, Aris S. Lalos, Konstantinos Moustakas, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
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Managing nonuniformities and uncertainties in vehicle-oriented sensor data over next generation networks

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Development of an Eco-Driving Simulation Training System with Natural and Haptic Interaction in Virtual Reality Environments

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Exploiting Gamification to Improve Eco-driving Behaviour: The GamECAR Approach

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