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Self-adjusting air deflectors for heavy trucks


RMBLStrip is ultimately a pure software solution that will enable savings of 2-3% of all the fuel consumed by long haul heavy trucks in Europe. The solution has been patented in Sweden and is now to be patented around the world.

This project aims at showing feasibility and proof of concept of a technical solution that ultimately can reduce an incredible amount of CO2 emissions in Europe. It also aims at searching for partners for setting up an aftermarket sales distribution as well as for original equipment. Finally, the project also aims at taking the next steps with regards to IP protection and to file a PCT application based on the Swedish patent with a number of heavy-truck relevant designation countries.

The purpose with the project is to position Disruptify with a product appealing to European haulers, with huge savings to investment ratio and where a high gross margin is possible to achieve and maintain. The project will help Disruptify to a position were it will be able to attract development funds from industrial actors and/or investments from financial investors.

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€ 50 000,00
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