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Innovative packaging solutions for storage and conservation of 20th century cultural heritage of artefacts based on cellulose derivate


A huge percentage of the recent European cultural heritage (CH) can be found in movies, photographies, posters and slides produced between 1895 and 1970 were made using cellulose derivates. More than 75 years of visual and audio memories are in serious danger to be lost due to the natural instability cellulose acetate (CA) and Cellulose nitrate (CN) materials.
These physical media have helped to preserve the cultural material that is a real witness of socio-cultural European evolution in the recent era. It encompasses the possibility to understand the development of new arts such as cinema, photography or graphic arts and also the preservation of the socio-cultural memories of citizens located in major and local museums worldwide.
Conservators consider two approaches when planning treatments to extend the useful lifetime of cultural materials: preventive or passive and active or interventive. But in case of cellulose derivates and other components of the movie or photos, once initiated, degradation cannot be prevented, reversed or stopped, but only inhibited or slowed. Inhibitive conservation of cellulose derivates can either involve the removal or reduction of factors causing degradation including light, oxygen, acids, fungus and relative humidity among others, as well as cost-sensitive processes such as freeze.
NEMOSINE improves the traditional storage solutions, such as freeze storage (below 5ºC), by developing an innovative package with the main goal of energy saving and extent conservation time. NEMOSINE will develop: i) High O2 barrier and Active packaging using non-odour additives, ii) Active acid adsorbers based on functionalized Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) integrated in innovative structures, iii) Gas detection sensors to monitoring AA, O2 & NO, iv) Multi-scale modelling to correlate degradation & sensors signals, v)Packaging with modular design to fulfil the technical & economical requirements of the different CH made by cellulose derivates.

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