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Bacterial Ghost Cancer Immunotherapy - A new standard in tumour therapy based on the bacterial ghost platform technology


MMalignant diseases represent a major health problem in all parts of the world and their incidence, according to the WHO/
IARC World Cancer Report 2014, will increase by 57% worldwide in the next 20 years. Standard treatment strategies for
cancer including surgery, chemotherapy and targeted molecular therapy still do not guarantee complete elimination of the
disease. In addition, cancer cells exhibited high capability to escape from immunosurveillance after applied treatment which
was confirmed with frequently occurred relapse of disease.
BIRD-C have developed Bacterial Ghost Cancer Immunotherapy (BGCI) - a novel personalised medicine approach towards
vaccination against tumours. BIRD-C’s therapeutic cancer vaccines are based on personalised dendritic cells-based cancer
immunotherapy that targets the tumour microenvironment using Bacterial Ghosts (BGs), the proprietary platform technology
of BIRD-C. The tumour therapy strategy is to (re)stimulate the patient immune system to revert the tumour evasion and build
strong humoral and cellular immune responses against patient-specific tumour antigens. Obtained results show that BGCI
can generate effective response to tumours and indicate novel prospective methods for cellular cancer immunotherapy. This
approach has been tested in a form of advanced personalised cancer therapy and has improved the survival of patients with
solid tumours.
During the project, BIRD-C will develop the manufacturing procedure and commercial scale-up strategy and also conduct a
multi-centre trial with patients affected by various forms of cancer at different stages of progression to determine the
tolerability and effectiveness of the treatment.

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