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Invidyo – Smart Baby and Baby Sitter Monitoring System

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - Invidyo (Invidyo – Smart Baby and Baby Sitter Monitoring System)

Période du rapport: 2018-04-01 au 2019-04-30

There is a rapid demographic change on the family structure as the participation of women in the labor force increases. The number of working mothers and working hours are growing exponentially, which creates the problem that the time spent with newborns is steadily decreasing.  Each year, there are around 140 million live births worldwide. Over half of these births are first time births. First time parents are particularly apprehensive about their responsibilities with babies. The child’s safety and overall condition are naturally top-priorities for them.

According to a survey made by Mother and Baby magazine in 2013, six out of ten mothers said they welcomed the financial and emotional independence work gives them – but feel bad about missing out on witnessing their children develop. Almost 80% of working mothers feel guilty about leaving their children at home. This survey shows us that despite their achievements, modern mothers are struggling with an overwhelming feeling of guilt and a feeling that they are missing out on precious time with their babies.

Invidyo is designed to address these concerns by enabling parents to be aware of the baby’s overall well-being, automatically capturing the babies not-to-miss precious moments and giving parents the ability to quickly review the events of the day via smart daily summaries.

We strongly believe that these features will provide a solution to the above stated problem by easing the separation anxiety of the mother and decreasing the feeling of guilt resulting from missing out on her baby’s precious moments. Invidyo will provide parents with a peace of mind that is not present in conventional products.
During the first period of our project we had to work on and finalize the technical specifications of our new product, identify the suppliers and partners that are needed, prepare a production ready prototype of our industrial design and start working on the initial versions of our SW and HW components.

The dissemination and exploitation activities of the project in the first half consisted of communication activities mostly. A detailed internal and external communication plan was developed within the first 3 months of the project and we followed this plan closely. The second year dissemination and exploitation activities will be more focused in preparing the commercial infrastructure and finalizing the requirements for a proper global commercialization strategy.
Video monitoring is a large and growing market expected to reach a market volume of $71.28 billion by 2022 and has 16.56% annual growth rate. After performing an extensive market analysis, and evaluating feedback from existing customers, Mobilus decided to focus on the baby monitoring vertical due to the large market size and the inability of the current solutions to address the needs of the users, especially the working parents.

We are planning to fully commercialize Invidyo at the end of Phase 2 and penetrate into 5 biggest markets in Europe & US within the third year. We are planning to generate a total revenue of 90 million € and create 60 new employments within the first 5 years.

Invidyo advances the state of the art through its unique use of deep learning algorithms to give working parents peace of mind while they are away from their children. This is achieved by:

- Using advanced A.I algorithms to automatically create a short summary clip containing the important moments of the day allowing the parents to quickly review the events that took place in their absence
- Analyzing loud noises in the audio stream using audio analysis algorithms in order to detect the moments where the baby is crying and sending mobile notifications to parents. Also allowing parents to soothe their babies by playing lullabies directly from the mobile app using two-way audio feature.
- Using face recognition technology to make sure that parents are notified immediately if someone previously unknown is detected in the vicinity of the baby.
- Recognizing baby’s facial expressions, such as a smile, using emotion analysis technology so that the parents are notified when the baby is happy. Invidyo automatically captures high resolution photos and creates albums to save these moments so that parents can cherish them in the years to come.
- Making sure that the baby’s environment is healthy using temperature, air quality and humidity sensors. Invidyo notifies the parents whenever sensor values are out of the acceptable range.
Invidyo Early Stage Industrial Design Render
Invidyo Early Stage Industrial Design Technical