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Standards review and requirements

Review and compilation of the technical standards and standardisation requirements relevant to the project activities and objectives.

Techno-economic assessment, LCA and Standards development

Report containing i) the final techno-economic analysis, including an economic modelling to provide cost and performance boundaries and reduce unnecessary costs and investment risk; ii) Life Cycle Analysis, to assess the environmental aspects and potential impacts associated with MouldTex; and iii) Development of the technical standards that will help maximize compatibility, interoperability, safety, repeatability and quality of the MouldTex technology.

Fully operational 5-axis laser meeting target KPIs

Demonstration of fully operational laser system able to engrave the designated nanotexture on the mould, equipped with adaptive optics and the module software Raptor Laser Cam for the design and the parameterization of nanotextures.

Pilot line demonstration events

A series of events will be organised to demonstrate the pilot line capabilities to interested end-users, including seal manufacturers and mould tool manufacturers, facilitating the access to a broad network of European end-users, and including the demonstration of training materials, tools and services.

Project Website

First version of the project website, which will be updated continuously during the course of the project.

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