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iSAFE Internet Safety Awareness for European primary school children

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - iSAFE (iSAFE Internet Safety Awareness for European primary school children)

Période du rapport: 2017-06-01 au 2017-12-31

Zeeko’s mission with the iSAFE Project is to launch Appyness Online; a new digital wellbeing education platform where children teach each other Internet safety.
More and more children are using the Internet at a younger age. Children’s safety on the Internet has been identified by the EU as a significant risk to our children. The EU recognises the need for an effective education programme to highlight online risks to children and to equip children with the tools to deal with these risks effectively. However, to this day no effective solution to this problem has been developed and according to the EU, 4 in 10 children in Europe have encountered online risk, for example cyberbullying and being exposed to user generated content promoting anorexia, self-harm, drug-taking or suicide. These risks have a major impact on our children.

The cyber security market is a growing market. Target customers are Principals/ Head teachers in Primary Schools (9-12 year olds), where the end-users are children, teachers and parents. Pilots conducted as part of the SME Phase I Feasibility Study found a significant increase in both child engagement and learning outcomes. This enabled Primary Schools to empower children to protect themselves online.

Zeeko believes the internet is a fantastic resource for children. However, we are concerned about the negative impact the Internet is having on children’s lives and the extreme outcomes the Internet can have on children. We have committed to bring about change through education.

As part of the feasibility study, Zeeko conducted research on the commercial, technical and social dimensions to the creation and roll-out of Appyness Online (AO). It was found that Appyness Online is feasible, viable and desirable. Zeeko will continue with the development of Appyness Online.
Zeeko undertook a Feasibility Study funded through the H2020 SME Phase I Instrument (iSAFE Project 774928). The study obtained the following key results (i) found difficult implementation process (ii) teachers were trained in the UK (iii) found large fragmented European Market of 181,642 Primary Schools across Europe (iv) Localisation Needs: Different challenges for schools in different countries were identified e.g. radicalisation in the UK (v) established the co-operative structure as the concept was alien to schools (vi) freedom to operate analysis found no block IP.
iSAFE increasing child engagement and learning outcomes. iSAFE education will reduce the negative consequences of cyberbullying and being exposed to user-generated content promoting anorexia, self-harm, drug-taking or suicide. This will have a significant impact on the European health and social care burden. The number of children at risk on line will be reduced. The BIK projected that the potential impact of focusing on the specific needs of children online to educate and protect children would (i) Change the way children behave online today to help define tomorrow’s digital world (ii) Join up a European effort to deliver a better internet for children, and boost growth and innovation (iii) Scale up awareness raising, digital skills and media literacy for children to improve their jobs perspectives and employability and to help them become confident digital citizens. iSAFE will educate young Europeans to become confident digital citizens build online trust and enable them to contribute to a vibrant European digital single market. This will contribute to the competiveness of the EU and to growing the EU single market by €415billion per year.
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