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productive Green Infrastructure for post-industrial urban regeneration


Methodology on spatial analysis in front-runner and follower cities

The methodology guides the local consortia in FRC and FC in their spatial analysis of the urban regeneration areas to achieve comparable results.

updated communication and dissemination plan 1

communication and dissemination activities

Final report on co-design workshops in FRC

The deliverable will report on the stakeholder ideas and contributions about the transformation of the NBS tested in LLs into business models.

Report on workshop round 1 in FRC

The report presents the city-specific stakeholders for urban regeneration who have been identified in the FRC and how they can be integrated in the co-design process for NBS.

Report on workshop round 2 in FRC

The report will sum up the co-design activities the FRC have undertaken with citizens and stakeholders in the second round of co-design workshops.

corporate design for project communication

The corporate design manual will guide the appearance of all communication material used within proGIreg.

Spatial analysis evaluation report

The report wraps up the regeneration needs and potentials identifies through the spatial analysis in the FRC and FC.

Monitoring and assessment plan

A monitoring and assessment plan to evaluate effectiveness of the implemented NBS will be established. The plan will include information about the stakeholders involved in this process.

Report on common methodology for implementation incl. sample templates for monitoring

The common methodology for implementation will guide the FRC in planning, organizing and communicating the implementation of NBS in their LLs. It sets common standards which will be locally adapted by the cities.

Protocols of measurements

Protocols of measurements including baseline and project follow-up will be set in order to homogenise the data collected from the different cities. Indicators will be set here based on the EWG assessment framework on NBS. Protocols will include the collection of existing information from the cities where available and when considered useful.

ProGIreg website

public project website

kick-off conference in Dortmund

pre-proGIreg NBS implementations for urban regeneration, to exchange approaches and NBS to be used in the proGIreg LLs and to bring research questions of the global proGIreg network to the project.

Data Management Plan

analysis of the data collected in the project

Searching for OpenAIRE data...


Examining the opportunities for nature-based solutions at the Municipality of Piraeus

Author(s): A Paraskevopoulou, N Tzortzi-J.Georgi, A Oikonomou, E Mariaki, A Paraskevas
Published in: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Issue 296, 2019, Page(s) 012003, ISSN 1755-1315
DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/296/1/012003