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DialoguE on European Decarbonisation Strategies


The main objective of the DEEDS project is to create a broad dialogue on the vision for a carbon-free Europe by 2050 and associated decarbonisation pathways. DEEDS will do this through 1) developing a solid knowledge base and synthesizing six Decarbonisation Pathways documents for important sectors of the European economy: energy production, industry, mobility, agriculture, cities, and an integrated pathways document, 2) organizing a stakeholder dialogue for knowledge assessment, and co-creation of policies and strategies with policy makers (on different levels), business representatives, NGO’s and other stakeholders, and 3) producing six policy briefs with policy recommendations and a Business Guide for decarbonisation in Europe (by WBCSD).
DEEDS has designed a specific interface for supporting the EDPI and its High-level Panel in their tasks and has built in some flexibility to be able to accommodate questions and requests for ‘deep dives’ of the HLP and DG R&I. The project will support further alignment and coordination of European and Member State research and innovation through targeted Research & Policy Workshops that will result in a Research Agenda for Decarbonisation Pathways in Europe.
We have secured cooperation with networks in Europe on several topics and levels relevant for the project that will assist DEEDS to invite stakeholders to the dialogue sessions and to disseminate the DEEDS outcomes to their constituency. The project is supported by a targeted communication and dissemination approach that will create outreach through traditional media, like a website, factsheets, brochures, and through social media, like twitter, short video clips, blog articles, etc.
In this way DEEDS will strengthen the information flow, enhance the exchange of experiences on R&I activities, and creates an evidence based dialogue between science, business, policy and civil society on the decarbonization of Europe’s economy.

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