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Historical high-quality company-level data for Europe

Project description

A transformative leap forward for historical social sciences

Fragmented historical datasets and scattered resources have hindered comprehensive analysis of European companies’ long-term financial, governance, and geographical data. In this context, the EU-funded EURHISFIRM project will introduce a world-class research infrastructure that connects, collates, and shares standardised data. This groundbreaking project unlocks the power of Big Data in historical social sciences, enabling researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders to develop effective strategies for investment, economic growth, and job creation. By revolutionising data extraction and enrichment systems, EURHISFIRM ushers in a new era of scientific inquiry, bolstering interdisciplinary collaboration and amplifying the value of Europe's cultural heritage. EURHISFIRM not only serves as a valuable resource for researchers but also creates a vibrant community of users who benefit from the innovative data and services provided.


EURHISFIRM designs a world-class research infrastructure (RI) to connect, collect, collate, align, and share detailed, reliable, and standardized long-term financial, governance, and geographical data on European companies. EURHISFIRM enables researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to develop and evaluate effective strategies to promote investment, economic growth and job creation. The RI provides the tools for long-term analysis highlighting the dynamics of the past and the way those dynamics structure our present and future. A few large stand-alone long-term databases have been built in Europe so far, while important resources have been invested into scattered and dispersed historical datasets. EURHISFIRM develops innovative models and technologies to spark a “Big data” revolution in historical social sciences and valorize Europe’s cultural heritage. These technologies match and collate historical data, and connect them to recent ones. They bring the next generation of data extraction and enrichment systems from digitized historical sources and web-based resources. The scaling up in the variety, quantity and quality of long-term data changes the way of conducting scientific enquiry in the historical social sciences. EURHISFIRM constitutes a vibrant and large users’ community around the innovative data and services provided. The 2016 ESFRI Roadmap identifies Big Data, interdisciplinarity and innovative ways to disseminate research products as the main science drivers for RIs in the Social Sciences and Humanities. It recognizes the need and the opportunity for RIs providing access to the European Cultural Heritage and innovative methods to analyze and integrate information extracted to broad communities. EURHISFIRM fulfills this mission in close cooperation with ESFRI Landmark CESSDA and other existing RIs in the field of Arts and Humanities, like DARIAH, within the Research Data Alliance.

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