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SiMAX - The Sign Language Avatar

Project description

Avatar to deliver sign language interpretation

The language barrier faced by the deaf community has been a longstanding challenge. Existing sign language translation methods often fall short, unable to capture the intricate facial expressions essential for understanding. The EU-funded SiMAX project aims to change the game with a translation ‘machine’ that combines sign language expertise with advanced ICT tools. The overall aim is to revolutionise accessibility for the deaf community. By leveraging smart algorithms and a ‘learning’ database, SiMAX technology will enable human translators to fine-tune translations suggested by the system, resulting in a lifelike avatar delivering accurate sign language interpretations. SiMAX system’s commercial potential is immense, with digital content, TV, and film poised to become more inclusive than ever before.


The Austrian SME signtime has combined its expertise in sign language translation and ICT tool development delivering
SiMAX, an innovative translation “machine” easy to use: A human translator only needs to adjust translations suggested by
smart algorithms on a “learning” database. The result: A video showing an avatar signing. The process is flexible for future
adaptations, less time and cost consuming than classical translation videos produced in a studio with human translators
Compared to other mostly academic sign language translation approaches SiMAX is closest to market and the only one
reaching a feasible quality of facial expressions essential for understanding due to grammatical meanings in sign languages.
Business opportunities are enormous associated with making information accessible to the deaf community: any digital
content (for web publishing or other purposes), TV, film. Accessibility regulations favour market growth and demand.
During the project SiMAX will be adapted to TRL 9 working as cloud solution and fine-tuned for mass-production. Pilot
translations of citizen and consumer information (for public authorities and companies) will be carried out in Germany, UK,
France and Poland together with translators, another important customer/partner group.
We will further raise maximum attention for SiMAX translations in the deaf community and will inform key stakeholders and
potential customers about SiMAX and its added values for them. A commercialization strategy for market entry across the
EU will be prepared and evaluated within the project.
The project fits with the requirements of this SME call, adding a completely new, market changing solution. SiMAX provides
significant growth options to our company and perfectly fits with our overall strategy. Societally, it can essentially contribute
to increase accessibility to information society for the deaf community thus contributing to inclusion and social cohesion in
the EU.

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Sign time GmbH
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