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Demonstration of a disruptive rotor blade concept for large wind turbines



Autores: Rikard Berthilsson
Publicado en: 7th International Conference Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines, 2018
Editor: IQPC

The aerodynamic performance of a novel wind turbine blade design

Autores: Al Sam, Ali and Revstedt, Johan and Berthilsson, Rikard
Publicado en: Proceedings of the Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow, 2018, ISBN 978-9633-13297-5
Editor: Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Report from prototype testing and future plans for a novel truss based rotor blade technology

Autores: Asil Erguner
Publicado en: 8th International Conference Advances in Rotor Blades for Wind Turbines, 2019
Editor: IQPC

A novel truss based blade design

Autores: Rikard Berthilsson
Publicado en: Wind turbine blade manufacture, 2018, 2018
Editor: AMI

Fackverk ska ge lättare vindsnurror

Autores: Linda Nohrstedt
Publicado en: 2016
Editor: Ny Teknik

Triblade Wind Turbine

Autores: Farah El-Salem
Publicado en: 2015
Editor: Lund University

Design of wind turbine blades with respect to stability

Autores: Lindkvist, Oskar and Nicolausson, Victor
Publicado en: 2019
Editor: Structural Mechanics, Lund University

CFD analysis of Triblade

Autores: Joel Joelsson
Publicado en: 2018
Editor: Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

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