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The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - TheMotion (The most cost-efficient video ad creation platform; +5.000.000 video-minutes per hour of hyper-personalised videos instantly and at massive scale)

Período documentado: 2018-07-01 hasta 2019-03-31

The shift to video is generating a demand to modernize the advertising assets from static images, banners, or posters to interactive video content. A company with a digital catalogue needs to create a video ad for each and every product in their offer so that these ads can be precisely targeted to achieve the expected performance. Nonetheless, most companies cannot afford such investment to produce video ads for all their products. One of the main challenges in video advertising is how to produce, personalize, and optimize video ads at large scale.

TheMotion comes to solve these problems, exploit the existing business opportunities and disrupt the video advertising global market. TheMotion is a video ad creation platform (PaaS) that allows any company with a digital catalogue to produce personalised video ads automatically, instantly, and at massive scale. TheMotion aims to revolutionize the video advertising and ecommerce industries by introducing motion to catalogues’ static content.

Even if the current version of technology developed by TheMotion provides us with a highly disruptive solution it is still necessary to reduce human intervention in the process and increase to the maximum the process automation to allow the rapid international growth that the company pursues. It is also necessary to upgrade it to be able to integrate with the advertising industry tools (i.e. integration with existing programmatic Ad distribution channels) and be able to leverage on the technology challenges that the industry is facing (mainly mobile VideoAds).The main objectives in this project are:

Upscale technology by developing an intelligent VideoAd serving platform deeply integrated with the Ad industry increasing the process automation and improving its integration with advertising industry tools.

Test and demonstrate the improved production capacity of the new beta version of TheMotion after the automation throughout the most representative market scenarios of particular importance to TheMotion.

Build a network of commercial stakeholders in order to support market expansion by increasing the adoption of semi-standardized, and vendor specific data storage and presentation formats.

Improve and fine-tune the business model for each market considering country, language, and lexical peculiarities.

Design and implement an international market-oriented communication plan, that is, a marketing plan to guide the market expansion of TheMotion towards becoming a global service.
During the project, TheMotion has focused on the following developments:

● A self-service interface (SSP) has been developed in order to minimize the number of manual operational tasks that were required in TheMotion’s internal process. Currently the platform can validate the information (product catalogue) required from the user, and also offers a gallery with standardized templates that can be used to launch marketing campaigns.

● A Marketing Platform has been developed. The platform allows The Motion to create and activate marketing campaigns in an automatic manner, having full visibility of the performance of the video ad created and more opportunity to improve and optimize the campaigns.

● In order to efficiently track and monitor the metric campaigns launched from the Marketing Platform, a Data Management Platform (Eulerian) has also been implemented.

● TheMotion has reduced the cost of video production by >60%.

● Reduce the time of customer on-boarding by 80%.

● TheMotion has fine tuned and adapted the initial business model focusing on SMEs needs rather than large companies.

● 16 SMEs were selected to test the new tool and 2 campaigns have been generated for each one of them. The campaigns were generated, one in Google Display Network and the other one in Google Search.

● TheMotion has reached agreements with 8 affiliate networks so far. These networks act as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and merchants.
Thanks to the SME instrument TheMotion will become a fully automated service offered to SMEs under the new brand recently created (buyviu and Adgoclick) and therefore it will be able to offer its services globally in a much more efficient way. TheMotion has the ambition to become the EU reference in this niche sector and conquer a significant international market share thanks to its competitive advantages and differential exploitation strategy and target customers.

In addition, thanks to its much lower prices TheMotion will impact on small and medium product manufacturers, local e-commerce platforms and virtually any company irrespective from their size will be able to benefit from online video advertising for all their products and insert these videos in some of the most used ad platforms. This is particularly relevant for the EU since most of the EU economy is in the hands of small and medium businesses that run the risk of losing market share due to lack of resources to access this kind of business boosters such as online video advertising.
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