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Developing, piloting and standardising on-tax financing for residential energy efficiency retrofits in European cities


Report on on-tax financing feasibility (map)

Around 50 pages report will present suitability of countries for the adoption of an on-tax mechanism and comprehensive review into the tax and regulatory frameworks.

Eligibility List

Document presenting eligibility criteria for technologies equipment and solutions that are preapproved within the EuroPACE program

Guidance & best practices materials for Public Authorities

Document will present guidance and best practices for Financial Institution and identify suitable financial institutions to work on the re-financing of the EuroPACE.

Report on Energy Policies, Incentives, Programs and other mechanisms for houses and residential buildings retrofit

The report of around 70 pages will examine the social and economic conditions of households, social preferences and environmental stances of home-owners, as well as level and type of energy used, retrofit programs and incentives that could integrate or blend with the EuroPACE.

EuroPACE in a box Toolkits

Document will present EuroPACE in a box Toolkits

Publishable final report

The final report will be submitted to show and disseminate project results

Contractor Training materials

Training materials will be created to support the Leader Cities in the launch of EuroPACE programs

CPP guidelines – EuroPACE consumer protection policies

Legal documents will describe regulations, rights, and obligations of all the parties involved in EuroPACE program.

Standardization Protocols for EuroPACE Securitisation

Using as benchmark the ABS Asset Backed Securities Green Bonds issued in US PACE programs the report will present the EuroPACE securitisation protocols to aggregate and refinance the EuroPACE financing pool

The action plan on energy poverty alleviation

The action plan is presented for each SITG which is comprised of a targetingadvocacy strategy proposal plan outline monitoring and evaluation framework ME and risk management The assessment section is presented which involves identifying and characterizing candidate SITGs reviewing current policies in place in the CatalanSpanish landscape related to each social challenge and identifying key stakeholders

Front Office Communication Materials

Task Leaders: OLO and GNE. Communication Materials will be designed for the marketing campaign for the Target Group and its deployment to inform, interview and motivate home and building-owners to join the EuroPACE program.

Reports (9) on Forums

Delivery month quarterly updatesReports on Forums where it will be discussed specific topics and share the findings of the work of the pilot with external stakeholders especially potential Leader and Follower Cities

City Selection report

Report will consider the fiscal legal and socioeconomic framework of each city and assess the level of interest and commitment from suitable citycandidates

Summit Dissemination Report 1-3

Delivery month M5M16M28Three Summit Dissemination Reports on results of Annual Summits and project progress will be submitted during the project

Periodic Impact and KPI report

Delivery month 182736The report will gather quantitative data convert it in relevant KPIs to subsequently measure and maximise impact

Feasibility Study of on-tax financing at household level

The study will focus on the current development of the market of top 34 countries analysis of the residential market barriers and how to mitigate them market potential by technologysolution financial alternatives and grants available lending potential and initial pipeline and affordability tests for households

Dissemination materials for Financial Institutions

Document will include dissemination materials for Financial Institutions and involve communicating with investment banks and mapping which financial institution partners are the best fit for scaling up EuroPACE

EuroPACE project website

Launch a EuroPACE website proving a clear overview of the concept.

EuroPACE Community Website

Delivery month quarterly updatesTo launch and update EuroPACE Community Website


EuroPACE Market Analysis

Auteurs: Karolina Beaumont-Leszczynski, Dr. Michele Belloni, Dr. Pedro Afonso Fernandes, Prof. Francesco Figari, Maria Krell, Dr. Ramona Mara, Dr. Vlasis Oikonomou, Dr. Izabela Styczyńska, Karolina Zubel
Publié dans: CASE Reports, 18 reports have been published in 2018, 29 in 2017, 2019, Page(s) 316 pp., ISBN 978-83-7178-685-3
Éditeur: CASE

EU28 legal and fiscal readiness for the adoption of an on-tax financing mechanism – EuroPACE

Auteurs: Dr. Izabela Styczyńska and Karolina Zubel with in-country contribution from Karolina Beaumont-Leszczynski, Professor Francesco Figari, Iakov Frizis, Gábor Jakab, Łukasz Janikowski, Dr. Teemu Lyytikäinen, Dr. Eugenia Ramona Mara, Rui Pimenta, Eduard Puig MacLean, Sara Skejo, Professor Wojciech Stiller, Dr. Desislava Stoilova, Aivar Tomson.
Publié dans: CASE Reports, 18 reports have been published in 2018, 29 in 2017, 2019, Page(s) 149 pp., ISBN 978-83-7178-683-9
Éditeur: CASE

Scalable Innovative Financing for Smart Buildings

Auteurs: SmartEN and GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2018
Éditeur: Smarten

MOTIVATING PEOPLE TO RENOVATE THEIR HOMES with Prashant Vaze from the Climate Bonds Initiative

Auteurs: GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2018
Éditeur: EuroPACE Project

EuroPACE Readiness Assessment: Legal and Fiscal Analysis of the EU-28

Auteurs: CASE, GNE provided the summary and document design
Publié dans: 2018
Éditeur: EuroPACE project


Auteurs: GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2019
Éditeur: EuroPACE Project

Discovering the role of public and private financing to unlock home renovation market” with Juan Alario, former European Investment Bank Director

Auteurs: GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2018
Éditeur: EuroPACE Project

HEALTHIER HOMES, HEALTHIER PLANET with Catriona Brady, World Green Building Council

Auteurs: GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2019
Éditeur: EuroPACE Project


Auteurs: GNE Finance
Publié dans: 2019
Éditeur: EuroPACE Project