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PROtect traditional built HERITAGE Skills – PRO-Heritage

Project description

Training craftsmen on the greening of heritage buildings

There are many historical buildings in Europe that need frequent quality conservation. They should be also adapted to meet European requirements for reduction of climate change impact and energy consumption. In most cases, this involves sophisticated strategies of ‘soft maintenance’ developed for traditional buildings, based on traditional skills of craftsmen and still reducing their energy consumption by 20 % and increasing renewables to 50 %. Unfortunately, today, there are few craftsmen with appropriate skills and competences. To solve this, the EU-funded PRO-Heritage project will establish a permanent education resource for professionals and craftsmen providing excellent competences and skills for built heritage and support the exchange of those competences and skills across Europe.


According to the climate change and energy policy of the EU, each member state needed to identify and develop a series of energy efficient goals and regulations, of which buildings are a key element, in order to reach the set goals. However, Europe has numerous historic buildings, which need permanent maintenance and refurbishment in order to fulfil the requirements of sustainability and use.
When responsible bodies do spend money anyway, it seems logical and ecologically worthwhile to apply “soft” maintenance procedures, which save costs and also reduce energy consumption of historic buildings. Integrating these buildings into national climate change and energy policies seems therefore quite necessary and a challenge, as far as appropriate techniques and procedures are concerned, which can only be met through excellently trained craftsmen and apprentices of the crafts concerned.
PRO-Heritage partners aim to offer initial and permanent education for professionals and craftsmen providing traditional competences and skills for built heritage, based on Best Practice of partner organisations. Additionally, PRO-Heritage is going to establish a structure and environment for regular journeyman's travel in Europe, in order to further support the exchange of competences and skills across Europe.
Major needs addressed in PRO-Heritage are
• to protect traditional competences and skills for built Cultural Heritage relevant for energy efficiency and renewable energy
• the need to involve adequately educated and trained professionals and craftsmen in “soft” conservation, maintenance and ongoing care
• the need to certify those professionals and craftsmen in order to give them recognition of their competences and skills
Achieving better energy performance in historic buildings is a WIN-WIN situation for all – owners facing less energy costs, residents enjoying modern comfort at reasonable prices and society reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission.


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