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New Methods to PRevent, Investigate and Mitigate COrruption and TAX Crimes in the EU

Resultado final

Guidance report for practitioners and policy makers

This deliverable will present the findings from T51 and T52

Communication plan v1

The communications plan will explain what key messages PROTAX wishes to convey to the general public or major segments thereof.

Case studies of tax crimes in the EU

This deliverable will present key findings from the case studies. A first draft will provide the basis for D1.3, the final version will consider stakeholder feedback to D 1.3

Briefing report for stakeholders in Member States to add country-specific input

This report will summarise D1.2 and will be used to collect feedback from selected stakeholders.

Communication Plan v2

Updated communication plan, second version.

A comparative analysis of tax crime in the European Union.

This report will compile the results of all tasks For each task internal Working Papers will be discussed with tax authorities and policymakers across the EU to review confirm or correct the findings before feeding into the final report to be distributed among European tax authorities and policymakers

Tax crime risk assessment methodology

This deliverable will be a risk assessment methodology developed particularly for avoiding tax crimes

Practical demonstrations

PROTAX will prepare and conduct a set of webinars for presentation to LEAs tax authorities enablers and other stakeholders

Dissemination and exploitation plan v2

Updated dissemination and exploitation plan, version 2.

Mapping of national stakeholder communities

This report produced for the preparation of focus groups will also provide a relevant database for all subsequent WPs

Analytical framework of information-sharing practices in the conduct of tax crime

This deliverable will be a joint product with stakeholders in the consortium PROTAX will provide an evidencebased assessment of how well existing informationsharing practices work in reality and will propose solutions to the existing limitations on informationsharing practices Core obstacles in cross border and between sector information sharing among financial institutions LEAs and other regulated actors will be identified and solutions to those obstacles suggested

Report of the stakeholder workshop

This deliverable will be a brief report on the outcome of the workshop at which PROTAX will present and discuss the tools for policymakers LEAs and tax authorities collecting feedback and suggestions from participants

A comprehensive comparative analysis of the prosecution of tax crimes in the EU

This deliverable will draw on the findings of Tasks 4143 analyse why some Member States are more successful in prosecuting tax crimes and highlight best practices Relevant national and European authorities will be alluded to this Report and invited to download it from the PROTAX webpage

Dissemination and exploitation plan v1 (DEP)

PROTAX will prepare a dissemination and exploitation plan explaining who we want to reach, why, with what messages, how we would like to see stakeholders use the project results. The plan will be updated twice during the project.

Improving the protection and resilience of victims and enablers

This deliverable will present the results of Task 83 on increasing the resilience of victims

Approaches to tax crimes in the European Union, based on validated focus groups input

This report will make the results of our comparative analysis of the focus groups available to the participants and the stakeholders identified in D2.1

Policy paper discussing an EU-wide financial crimes agency

The policy paper will put forward an agency with capabilities fit for different types of financial crimes

Briefing paper to the political institutions of the EU

This deliverable will be based on a distillation of the findings and recommendations It will have the format of a briefing paper and will address the European Parliament the Council and the Commission

Dissemination and exploitation plan v3

Updated dissemination and exploitation plan version 3

Report on conviction rates in selected Member States

This report will use crime statistics conviction rates and court judgments

Conference Report summarizing and documenting contributions from T 2.7

This report will have a wider scope than D23 providing the basis for a publication of the PROTAX consortium

A framework for the privacy, data protection, social, legal and ethical impact assessment of tax crimes

This deliverable will be a standalone document which stakeholders notably companies can use to critically assess their corporate tax policies D62 will provide input to WP7 and the development of tools

Report on comparative legal and institutional analysis

This deliverable will provide an analysis of tax crimes their scope volume and definitions in EU Member States

The Case study design

This design will guide the analysis and will be based on current state of the art methodologies

Data management plan

The deliverable will spell out what data PROTAX collected, how it was collected, how the data is used, how it is protected and with whom it might be shared.

The project website

PROTAX will have the project’s website operational by month 3 and will update it on a monthly basis throughout the project. The website will be kept alive for up to two years after the project.

A toolkit for policy-makers

The toolkit will be developed in consultation with policymakers and presented with the interactive platform at the D74 workshop

Communication material

This deliverable comprises press releases videos journal articles presentations made by partners at thirdparty workshops conferences etc prepared as a part of Task 92 The partners will track their takeup and use

A toolkit for LEAs and tax authorities

This toolkit will depict the different types of evidence necessary for securing a conviction regarding a tax crime


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