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Laser Bionic Surfaces

Project description

Biomimetic surface modifications for industrial applications

The EU-funded LaBionicS project aims to bring a laser processing approach for recently developed biomimetic surface texturing to the market. This approach enables the formation of functional micro- and nano- textures that mimic the skin structures of various animals and insects. The project applies advanced laser-processing strategies to mimic the specific topography of the outer protective layer, the integument, of bark bugs, sharks, butterfly wings, and moisture harvesting lizards. These nano-features are important for functionalising the surface in potential engineering applications relevant to directional fluid transport, drag and friction reduction, self-cleaning, water-repelling, antibacterial protection, and many other applications.


LaBionicS aims at both commercializing and industrializing a surface laser processing approach for biomimetic surface texturing developed during LiNaBioFlud project. This approach provides controlled formation functional (micro-/nano- structured) surface textures that mimic skin structures found in different animals and insects (biomimetic surfaces). More specifically the project will use the advanced laser-processing strategies, developed during the LiNaBioFLuid project, based on self-organization of material surface, to mimic the specific topography of the integument of bark bugs, sharks, butterfly wings and moisture harvesting lizards. Our investigations gave strong indications that these nano-features play an important role for the functionalizing surface in engineering applications relevant to Directional Fluid transport, Antibacterial / Antifouling, Antireflectance, Drag reduction, Friction Reduction, Self Cleaning and Water repellency. Beside these main advantageous functionalities, the approach has enormous versatility for modulating the final biomimetic properties and applicability in a real industrial line.

The project will follow an open innovation approach with three main enablers for commercializing and industrializing the technology. There are three main enablers/themes that will facilitate the work of the LaBionicS project that will enable the funneling of different ideas into viable highly potential commercial applications.

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€ 100 000,00
70013 Irakleio

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Research Organisations
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€ 100 000,00