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Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology


Our product, MicNo®, is a patented Zinc Oxide UV filter for use in cosmetic formulations. MicNo® are designed platelet-shaped micron particles composed of nano primary particles - developed to exploit benefits of the nano-size particles while removing adverse effects of them.

The aim of this project is to mature, in-vivo test and commercialise MicNo® onto the global markets. We had been awarded Phase I funding and we have conducted a Feasibility Study (GAN #741192) that verified the market potential. Our product is at TRL 7 and this project will enable us to bring our solution to TRL9 ready for commercialisation on the global cosmetics market valued at $454 billion with CAGR of 6%.

MicNo® has gone through in-vitro testing, toxicity tests as well as efficacy tests – they all showed superior broad-spectrum protection with up to 60% improvement vs. main competitors, improved transparency at application by 15-20%, mitigation of safety and health concerns related to nano zinc particles. As well as high area coverage/unit mass – a 40% reduction in raw materials usage for same UV protection.

Europe is the global flagship producer of cosmetics with a market valued at €77 billion and exports exceeding €33 billion. Thousands of companies are involved in manufacturing of cosmetics in Europe – utilising our UV filter in cosmetic formulations improves cosmetic and health benefits vs. current ZnO ingredients. We offer a solution for safer sun care products without endocrine-disrupting chemical UV filters and with lower production costs. Considering 150-200 million bottles of sunscreen are sold annually in EU this would translate to savings of €75 to €100 million/year. Moreover, we believe that our unique technology will encourage large sways of population to utilise more sun care products.

By completing this project we expect to generate accumulated turnover of €62 million and profit of €41 million over 5-years post-project completion and to create 70 new jobs.

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