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Project description

Mobile application improves pharmacovigilance

Launched in 2014, the WEB-RADR project developed a mobile application that allows patients to directly report potential medical treatment side effects and also receive reliable information on drugs. The EU-funded WEB-RADR 2 project aims to take this application to the next level by making its functionalities available through application programming interfaces. This should allow third-party organisations to embed the WEB-RADR platform’s functionality into their own systems, applications and websites. The project team will collaborate with pharmacovigilance organisations to map the terminologies used. They will also work closely with regulatory authorities, health charities and system providers to ensure the tools developed suit end-user needs.


This proposal seeks to build on the mobile application (app) functionality delivered through the original WEB-RADR project to expand access to the platform and the reach of the information contained within it. It will achieve this by making the functionality available through application programming interfaces (APIs), meaning that third party organisations will be able to embed WEB-RADR platform functionality into their own systems, applications and websites.

An important component to this will be a terminology/classification mapping activity involving the three core healthcare terminology owners; MedDRA MSSO, SNOMED International and WHO. The mapping will facilitate communication between regulatory and healthcare databases by establishing mapping protocols and delivering an initial mapping between a subset of key pharmacovigilance terms.

The project has established use cases and adopters for the proposed functionality through the networks established through the original WEB-RADR delivery, and has a diverse range of partners keen to utilise different aspects of the proposed solutions including regulatory authorities, health charities and system providers.



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€ 712 500,00
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United Kingdom

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Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
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€ 242 769,00

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