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An amplified signal imaging software for prognosis of cancer enabling the evaluation of clinical efficiency of personalised cancer treatments to an unprecedented level.


Chemotherapy remains the main treatment in locally advanced or metastatic lung cancer. The wide use of chemotherapies
is often lengthy (4 months) and is not supported by any patient stratification tools, leading to life-threatening risk. current
techniques used to identify biomarkers for target or immunotherapy (i.e. Immunohistochemistry and Protein Ligase Assays)
lack of sensitivity (up to 30% of false negatives) resulting in qualitative, subjective measurements with poor prognostic value.
iaFRET is an imaging system based on a proprietary time resolved Amplified Forester Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
technique. It determines both molecular and cell-cell interactions, enabling the evaluation of clinical efficiency of
personalised cancer treatments. iaFRET enables oncologists to define the most effective treatment for cancer case and
verify its efficacy anytime during the therapy. FASTBASE will need to finalise the engineering of the machine, optimize the
image analysis algorithms and user interface, conduct a clinical trial to demonstrate and validate the safety, efficacy and cost
savings of technology. Globally there are almost 300 research institutes and hospitals currently working on cancer research
worldwide, 147 in EU. Emerging frontiers like immunotherapy highly require technology like iaFRET. iaFRET can contribute
to European health system by improving the prognosis and treatment selection for cancer patients, hence increasing the life
expectancy of patients affected by this pathology.

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