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Unique multi-curve active catheter for complex endovascular navigation

Project description

Innovative active catheter for endovascular procedures

The endovascular procedures involve passing through the vascular system after the introduction of a catheter through a patient’s leg or arm artery and guiding it up to the area of treatment. The current solutions use passive catheters navigated on flexible guides, presenting performance issues in cases of complex vascular anatomies. The French company Basecamp Vascular develops an innovative medical device as the active, adjustable catheter guide, which can adapt to individual anatomical variations of the patient. The first version of this device has been developed for regulatory and clinical approval for subsequent commercialisation. The EU-funded MULTICURVE project aims to support the optimisation of the business strategy for market access.


While endovascular procedures have grown very quickly in the past years, notably for the treatment of neurovascular pathologies, they may be impossible to implement when navigation is complicated by high vessels tortuosities or bifurcations angulations. In such cases, medical practitioners have no choice but to use alternative techniques, often complex and costly.

Basecamp Vascular (BCV), a French SME created in 2016, is focused on the development and commercialisation of a breakthrough medical device: the first ever mechatronic active catheter dedicated to endovascular navigation in any anatomy, even complex, for neurovascular pathologies. BCV aims at providing the world market of endovascular procedures, specifically the “endovascular access” segment (+/- 8 million procedures / year, €5 billion in value), with this device, which tip can be modified on-demand as opposed to current passive catheters which preformed curve is unchangeable. First commercialisation is planned by 2019, with a first focus on the EU area, to be addressed globally as soon as the EC marking is obtained.

A first version (mono-curve) of BCV active catheter has been developed and validated and the upgraded version of the device (multi-curve) is currently in development and will be achieved by the end of 2017. In this frame, the MULTICURVE SME Instrument project aims at optimally preparing future innovation steps, with three specific objectives for phase 1: refining the current market strategy, preparing regulatory markings and preparing the planned multicentric, transnational clinical study to be performed in phase 2.

As such, the SME Instrument support will facilitate reaching the market of endovascular procedures, the multi-curve device being an unprecedented solution for medical practitioners. Indeed, for the first time, they should benefit from a catheter able to adjust to all patients’ individual anatomical variations, thus fully fitting within the personalised medicine concept.

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€ 50 000,00
51100 REIMS

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The organization defined itself as SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) at the time the Grant Agreement was signed.

Grand Est Champagne-Ardenne Marne
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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 71 429,00