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Strengthening Omics data analysis capacities in pathogen-host interaction


Promotional activities, dissemination and communication plan

The promotional activities involve first the set up of web site which will include information about the project, partners, promoted activities, achieved results, and links to the materials produced (e.g. news, information related to the project, reports, kits, etc.). The website will be an interactive and visual portal responding to the needs of the different WP’s and audiences. It will be designed to respond to expressed needs of targeted audiences. Secondly, social media will be exploited such us the production of small science awareness videos with IPT’s research scientists. We will benefit from the expertise and experience of IP and CRG partners. PHINDaccess will also develop several accounts on social networks (linkedin, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.) to reach the different audiences and create communities around the project.

Course program descriptive booklet

Overall, task 2.1 will allow the participants to master all regulatory and ethical constraints related to biobanking and data stewardship. (D2.1)

List of training/networking sessions

This task will complement WP2 objectives and enhance the expertise and skills of young and experienced investigators in Omics applied to strategic PHI models (section An extensive networking program will be implemented to foster the development of innovative approaches in key PHI models (section This program will include two-way lab visits between IPT’s research units and those from the partnering institutions, joint workshops and hackathons (WP2) on advanced processing, analysis and mining of Omics data and computational modeling of PHI biological circuits. A list of training/networking sessions of interest will be drafted in M6 (D4.2).

An optimized computational environment for efficient and secured Omics data analysis

Task 3.1 Setting up a reliable and highly efficient environment for Omics data stewardship This task aims at creating a highly efficient environment for Omics data management. IPT will pair with RKI, CRG and IP todevise an adapted strategy for data management with respect to interoperability, security, confidentiality and backup in compliance with the FAIR data principles and the H2020 vision. This will give rise to a dedicated platform to achieve this (D3.1).

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