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Automation of novel multi-parameter allergy test that is cost-efficient and delivers instantly correct results


Allergies and asthma affect at least a quarter of the population and the WHO has declared allergy a major health problem of the 21st century. Currently, medical practitioners must pre-select very few allergens for in-vitro testing, based on prior anamnesis, under time and cost pressure. Independent experts estimate that almost half of the patients are diagnosed insufficiently. The consequences for the patients are not optimal treatment and reduced quality of life. For the public health systems more than 140 Bn Euro are spent each year which could be saved if all allergic patients were treated adequately. We have developed a multi-parameter allergy test covering close to 100% of the globally relevant allergens in a single lab test. Instead of forcing medical practitioners to pre-select very few allergens for in-vitro, our solution substantiates any
therapeutic decision by offering a complete immunological profile for every tested individual. We expand testing to the molecular level which provides valuable decision points such as enhanced risk assessment, improving the success of allergen immunotherapy or clearer recommendations for avoidance. We eliminate the trade-off between cost and quality of allergy diagnosis. Our allergy test is technically validated and registered as an in-vitro diagnostics device in Europe. We are already selling and delivering the non-automated manual test systems to customers all over Europe. In this project, we will fully automate the test instrumentation so we can target the customer segments of highly automated clinical routine labs. This will multiply our selling potential and expand our customer reach.
The global market of in-vitro diagnosis of allergy is growing fast at almost double-digit rate globally, and amounted to approx. 700 million USD annual revenues in 2016. There is a de-facto monopoly of a single US supplier and this project will return jobs and revenues to the European Union.

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