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Non-invasive solution for periodontal and peri-implant diseases


Nanoker Research, S.L has identified a potential business in dNanoker Research, S.L has identified a potential business in developing and promoting global dental solutions of the highest quality for patients with periodontal or peri-implant disease, which is the most prevalent form of bone pathology in humans, affecting 50% of the entire adult population. Nanoker has developed an aesthetic, mechanically reliable and tissue friendly all-ceramic dental reconstruction solution at TRL6 that prevents periimplantitis; in 2016, the global market value of dental implants and prosthetics reached 6.175 M€, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7-9% for the next few years. Nanoker has the potential to become the only company in the world with an available, long-lasting, non-invasive dental solution for periimplantitis patients. This solution is expected to obtain around 0.49% of the dental implant market share 3 years after project termination, and around 1.13% (133 M€) of the dental implant market share 5 years later. Thus, in only four years, Nanoker could reach a turnover of +47.3 M€ with a production capability of 100,000 implants-abutments/year and an accumulated EBITDA of +33.9 M€ (over four years). To remove the last dental health market barriers it is necessary to make a final investment in terms of product industrialization and certification, as described in this proposal, to become known and worthy to key opinion leaders. In this regard, this project, with a total budget of 4,370,373.75 € covers the expenses related to: a) the successful industrial-scale development of a set of dental prosthetic components made from a coated and highly resistant ceramic nanocomposite; b) performing a Clinical Validation; c) business growth, through two different distribution approaches: an own firm and implant manufacturers with presence in the main markets; and d) the product’s worldwide launch, to put Nanoker at the forefront of the market and industry innovation.

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