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Resolution Revolution to Extend Reality


The resolution of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) devices on the market today is just 1/100 of what the average human eye can see. This means that all visual details are lost due to heavy pixelization, which makes these devices rather useless in professional applications. Finnish SME Varjo Technologies Oy is the first in the world to build a VR/AR/MR headset capable of human eye resolution. Varjo Head-Mounted Display is powered by patented combination of hardware and software that lets you seamlessly merge virtual, mixed and traditional reality - all with the clarity of the human eye. Thanks to the improved resolution, VR/AR/MR are no longer a curiosity, but can now be professional tools for numerous industries. While the mass consumer adoption is taking a bit longer than anticipated, Varjo is serving the professional markets and targets applications such as product design, engineering, training and simulations. Our previous funding has helped us commercialise the first part of our end-vision – Varjo display technology is launching in 2018 in our Virtual Reality device. The SMEI project focuses on realising our final product vision – commercialising a device equally well-suited for VR, AR and MR applications. To get there, the project focuses on taking our video-see-through front-plate technology from TRL 6 to TRL8 and designing customised motion controllers that truly complement our high-resolution product.

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