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5th GeneratiOn Security for Telecom Services

Project description

Building blocks of security for 5G networks

The architecture of future communication will be built on 5G networks to meet the rapidly growing needs of cellular technology and applications that are hungry for more bandwidth. To protect the European Union’s communication infrastructure from the increased risk of security threats, the 5GhOSTS project will boost the security of virtualisation technologies – building blocks for secure light-weight virtualisa-tion and container orchestration technology for 5G networks. The project will form an international and interdisciplinary research group to develop specialised building blocks of security as reusable middleware (software that modifies the behaviour of other software). In line with the EU’s vision on doctoral training and open science, four early stage researchers will have the opportunity to develop technical and transferable skills.


5GhOSTS (5th GeneratiOn Security for Telecom Services) will analyze and improve the security of service-based implementations of 5G networks, relevant to protect the EU’s critical communication infrastructure. Based on the upcoming service-based architecture for 5G by the 3GPP, which includes virtualization of network functions, 5GhOSTS aims to strengthen the security of light-weight virtualization. State-of-the-art technologies in this field do not meet the stringent security, privacy and performance requirements of telecommunication systems. 5GhOSTS addresses these challenges by forming an international and interdisciplinary research group that works towards releasing a number of building blocks for secure light-weight virtualization and container orchestration technology for 5G networks. These building blocks will come with a strong, well-understood and formalized notion of security. They will further comply with legal data protection requirements, implementing these requirements in reusable middleware rather than application level.
5GhOSTS fosters standardization in the mobile networks of the future, focusing on security and privacy.

Under the supervision of ICT and law researchers from Ericsson and KU Leuven, 4 ESRs will develop competitive and interdisciplinary profiles. In line with the EU’s vision on doctoral training, open science and sustainable development, 5GhOSTS’ ambitious training network leverages academic excellence and a strong business- and innovation-oriented mindset, to let the ERSs develop technical and transferable skills with a thorough understanding of legal and business aspects. As such, 5GhOSTS address the growing need of the EU economy for young researchers with a strong profile (technical, legal and economic) in the 5G telecommunications domain, increasing the researchers’ international competitiveness.


Net EU contribution
€ 512 640,00
3000 Leuven

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 512 640,00

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