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Blockchain Attack and Defense Techniques

Project description

Advanced training in Blockchain technologies

The IoT allows billions of devices to connect online. However, an increase in digital threats shows how important it is to secure IoT. Blockchain technologies (BCT) are a promising solution for securing the IoT, making the academic and industrial sectors conceive and design new applications of BCT. However, few experts in BCT exist. The EU-funded BAnDIT (Advanced Blockchain Attacks and Defence Techniques) project proposes an innovative research training network powered by Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) in the academic sector and Nokia Bell Labs in the private sector. BAnDIT will deliver transversal training events and provide access to existing Blockchain ecosystems to early stage researchers.


As we move to the Internet-of-Things, the number of devices which will be connecting to the Internet – many of them without any direct human control - is estimated in billions in the immediate future. In October 2016, the Mirai Botnet performed the largest Denial-of-Service attack in history using infected consumer devices, showing how pressing is the need to properly secure the IoT. In parallel, a new technology has emerged which will be key in any future development in this sense: the blockchain. Initially designed as the backbone of Bitcoin a decade ago, Blockchain Technologies (BCT) are seen now as powerful digital abstraction of trust and stand out as a promising alternative to deal with it in the online world. Several initiatives are moving towards using BCT for securing the IoT, and the academic and industrial sector are participating in a race to envision and design new applications of BCT. However, there are few experts with a solid scientific background in IT Technologies who also have first-hand knowledge of the needs of the industry and who understand the financial and regulatory challenges of BCT. These professionals can be key to articulate converge of the BCT and the IoT technologies, to envision and create new business opportunities for the European economy.
BAnDiT or Advanced Blockchain Attacks and Defense Techniques is an innovative research training network with two beneficiary organizations, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in the academic sector and Nokia Bell Labs in the private sector, which aims at bridging this gap.
UPF will contribute through the network her knowledge and research experience in the departments of Information and Communication Technologies, Economics and Law and Nokia its hands-on experience in BCT. Partner organisations will contribute with transversal training events and providing access to existing blockchain ecosystems to test the results of the research conducted by the ESRs.


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