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Debate Science! European Student Parliament


Wissenschaft im Dialog will organise a European Student Parliament in conjunction with ESOF 2018 in Toulouse. The attendees are young people from 11 European cities. In a simulated parliament students will investigate ‘The Future of Mobility’ which is a challenge for science and society. Student committees will discuss aspects of this theme with researchers. They will write resolutions, present them in a parliamentary debate and deliver them to European policy makers.

The project represents a process of RRI where school students exchange ideas with researchers and policy makers. These stakeholders will gain new insights into the views of young Europeans. In addition results will be disseminated to experts in the fields of science education and outreach, allowing an exchange of ideas.

Young Europeans attending the parliament will develop their interest in science studies and careers through discussions of science in the context of interesting and relevant societal challenges. Students will enhance their skills in critical thinking through self-directed learning and debating. They will be inspired by meeting role models who use scientific knowledge and methods in their work.


Net EU contribution
€ 100 000,00
Charlottenstrasse 80
10117 Berlin

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Non-EU contribution
€ 0,00