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High Performance Electric Outboard Motor System and Supply Chain Innovation


In Europe there are 4.8m boats with outboard engines and 99% percent of them run on petrol or diesel. These conventional boat motors are highly polluting (emitting CO2, methane, carbon monoxide and other substances), burn a massive amount of fossil fuel and are excessively noisy. So why aren’t we electrifying boats like we’re electrifying cars?
Small and light boats can indeed run on electric engines; however, the current outboard solutions have performance limitations and are very expensive. Larger boats require powerful, higher-performance electric engines (over 80 horsepower) which are cost prohibitive due to the low availability of components and the resulting high production costs associated with them.
We at pHatching have the solution. We offer a new electric outboard engine design with a customised belt-drive and horizontal drive shaft, allowing us to stack multiple small engines in a modular system. At the same time, we take advantage of the established supply chain and high-volume standard components from the auto industry to dramatically lower the cost of production and maintenance (53% less than current outboard solutions), thereby eliminating the major market barrier to adoption of viable high-performance electric marine engines. We also provide a useful second life for used electric vehicle batteries.
As a result of combining a new design with an innovative use of auto parts, our new electric outboard engine is: (1) green, quiet and powerful (up to 200 hp); (2) easily retrofitted into existing boats; (3) modular and scalable and (4) highly efficient in terms of production and operation.
pHatching was founded in 1989 in Sweden. Our innovation fulfils a large opportunity in the marine industry, enabling electrification of marine transport. A 5-year projection sees an Internal Rate of Return of 51%, with a cumulative EBITDA of more than €8.4m. For the first time, an electric outboard engine can compete with conventional engines on price and performance.

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