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The first magnetic angular sensor which integrates high accuracy for high rotational speed

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An unparalleled magnetic angular sensor at a fraction of the cost of others

Magnetic angular position sensors are widely used in the automotive industry in anti-lock braking systems and engine control management systems, and they are important to other industrial and research applications as well. Most magnetic angular sensors are currently expensive and either very fast or very sensitive but not both. The Swiss SME Senis has developed FAMAS, a pioneering magnetic angular sensor with incredible performance at less than half the average price. The EU-funded FAMAS project is helping the team prepare for commercialisation, with an initial focus on the very large and promising automotive sector.


SENIS is a Swiss company founded in 2004, which develops and sells extremely accurate and stable CMOS based Hall sensors and magnetometers for industrial and academic test & measurement applications, among others in the automotive and consumer electronics market. Over the last two years SENIS has worked on developing FAMAS, a disruptive integrated magnetic angular sensor which overcomes the main limitations of existing solutions in the market: they are either very fast or very sensitive and at high cost. FAMAS is a magnetic angular sensor with the highest magnetic resolution (<1uT), the largest frequency bandwidth (up to 300 kHz), a very fast response (<1us) and very high resolution (<0.1°) at the highest rotational speed (200,000 rpm) with the lowest price in the market (1.40€ vs. 3.20€ average price). FAMAS is based on SENIS patented invention, EP 16157316- Angle sensor and method of measuring an angle of a magnetic field.
FAMAS target is to disrupt in the magnetic field sensor market for the transportation industry, which is the largest segment for type of sensors, with a wide range of applications in it: anti-lock braking systems and engine control management systems among others. This market segment is expected to reach €475.47 million by 2023 only in Europe. SENIS already counts with great expertise, contacts, and client portfolio in this segment where we expect sales of several million chips annually by direct sales to end customers and through licensing our product. We have estimated a accumulative profit of €10.86 million during the first five years of commercialisation, a Return of Investment (ROI) of 7.8 by 2025 and the generation of 10 new direct jobs. Successful completion of FAMAS and its commercialisation will allow SENIS to reach the next significant step in the company’s development and become a game changer in the magnetic angular sensor market.

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