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Open Researchers 2018-2019

Project description

Understanding the role of science in Andalusia

The EU-funded OPENRESEARCHERS1819 project will organise European Researchers’ Night 2018-2019 in Andalusia to increase public awareness of research and its contribution to finding sustainable and innovative solutions to societal challenges in Europe. Guided by the motto ‘The heritage of researchers in Europe as a basis for a science open to citizenship’, the project will promote a deeper understanding of the role of science, including social and humanities sciences, in everyday life by engaging a large and gender balanced number of researchers. OPENRESEARCHERS1819 will promote young people’s interest in science and responsible research and innovation through numerous edutainment activities performed in main streets and squares, as well as theatres and historical buildings of eight Andalusian cities.


Open Researchers 2018/19 is the sixth experience of Andalusia in the European Researchers’ Night. The project is designed to increase the awareness and perception of research as a solution to the numerous challenges faced by citizens mainly in Europe. ‘The heritage of researchers in Europe as a basis for a science open to citizenship’ is the main idea of the project, which has been conceived in a time where becomes clearer that we must join efforts to find sustainable, equal, innovative and creative solutions to give answer to the societal challenges in Europe. Understanding that Science is present in our daily lives through many disciplines involved including Social and Humanities Sciences, and learning that the progress should be accompanied by a scientific culture. It is essential to promote young people’s interest in Science by opening it to the general public through researchers in an accessible way in order to implement the public engagement in RRI. Fundación Descubre will coordinate this project, based on its experience through the last decade working with relevant projects and fundamentally in its consortium experience in the 6 NIGHT projects. The consortium is composed by nine Andalusian universities, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Andalusian Foundation Progress and Health, and the Royal Botanical Garden of Córdoba. The project's major strength is the numerous edutainment activities taking place on main streets and squares, theatres, and historical buildings of the eight Andalusian cities, with a high mobilization of researchers. The European dimension of the event will be underlined by an active involvement of researchers with European funds, and Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows, in the European Corners and in the pre-events organized before the Night. Gender balance will be guaranteed in researchers and organization members. The project includes the participation of a new citizen science project related to cultural heritage.


Net EU contribution
€ 33 000,00
Other funding
€ 56 950,00

Participants (12)