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Fascinating World of Researchers in the Age of Technology – Cultural Heritage & the New Generation of Innovators

Project description

Cultivating an appetite for research in Hungary

Encouraging young people, girls especially, to pursue careers in science is the main objective of the EU-funded FAWORIT 2018-2019 project. Launched in Hungary in 2018, the project is rolling out a series of interactive, educational and entertaining activities aiming to introduce young people to research and bridge the fields of STEM and cultural heritage. The project targets all ages, with emphasis on people between the ages of 6 and 26. To raise awareness, it will disseminate information through local media and distribute promotional materials such as posters and leaflets during the activities. Moreover, it will conduct impact assessments through short surveys and online questionnaires, as well as interviews with participants.


The main objective of our proposal is to present researchers from several aspects in order to get them closer to the general public and to encourage the youth – with a special focus on girls – to embark on scientific careers. We will apply a mission-oriented, impact-focused approach in our project in which interdisciplinary challenges, innovative solutions, (young) researchers, their work and hobbies will be presented in an interactive, educating and entertaining way to stimulate the interest of citizens towards R&I and to bring it closer to their expectations and concerns. A special attention will be given to the role of R&I in discovery, preservation and demonstration of cultural heritage; the bridges between STEM and cultural heritage will be demonstrated. As the consortium and the cooperating partners represent well the relationship of the knowledge triangle, the involvement of many different actors across various disciplines and sectors will achieve a high impact and make researchers and innovators' work familiar to various age groups. Our main target group is students of age 6-26, but we aim to address all age groups – siblings, parents & grandparents – with attractive programmes. The target audience can thus discover that being a researcher is cool and creative and not only researchers, but young innovators are also amongst us. Our objective is to have at least 30000 visitors on our 24 venues on the two-day event, but a multiple of that number (at least 1000000) will see, hear or read about the NIGHT. Our venues cover the whole country. We expect at least doubling them by organisations joining the NIGHT – the most important science communication event in Hungary – as the result of the awareness raising campaign. We intend to raise awareness of the European engagement in R&I through the participation of H2020 projects with a special focus on MSCAs. In the European Corners and at each venue related programmes of the European Union will be visible.



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