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European Researchers' Night in Latvia 2018-2019

Project description

Promoting research careers in Latvia

What does the general public know about researchers and their work? Not enough. This is why the EU-funded NIGHTLV-2018-2019 project has set out to increase public awareness, especially among young people. The project will work towards bringing researchers closer to the public in order to promote the beneficial impacts of research on all aspects of daily life. Specifically, it will organise activities across Latvia in partnership with the State Education Development Agency as well as nine universities/colleges and eight research institutions. The activities will range from hands-on experiments to demonstrations and quizzes. Overall, the project will help increase the visibility of the researcher profession and contribute towards increasing young people’s interest in pursuing a career in research.


The objective of the Project is to raise the awareness of the larger public, especially young people, about science as well as to familiarize them with the scientist’s profession; to show the impact of sciences such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities on everyday human life; to bring researchers closer to the Latvian society and to raise the interest of young people about research. Aim of the activities is to enhance public recognition of researchers’ profession and their role in Latvian society. A number of attractive, amazing and interactive events will be organized in Riga and in a number of towns covering the whole territory of Latvia.


Net EU contribution
€ 80 525,00
Valnu iela 1
1050 Riga

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Latvija Latvija Rīga
Activity type
Public bodies (excluding Research Organisations and Secondary or Higher Education Establishments)
Other funding
€ 9 178,75

Participants (13)