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Harmonised Building Information Speedway for Energy-Efficient Renovation

Project description

A deep renovation of the existing building stock through building information modelling

Today’s construction sector is adopting new technologies. One example is the process of building information modelling (BIM), which is the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of places. It is becoming crucial for the planning, design and construction of structures and buildings. In this context, the EU-funded BIM-SPEED project will enable all stakeholders to adopt BIM to reduce the time of deep renovation projects by at least 30 %. Specifically, it will provide an affordable BIM cloud platform and a set of BIM tools. It will also facilitate the interoperability of a full range of BIM tools. The project will demonstrate the holistic solution in 12 real demonstration cases.


‘BIM for renovation of existing residential building stock’ has been proven viable in innovative pilot projects by the members of BIM-SPEED consortium, among others in H2020 Smart Cities. The mission of BIM-SPEED is to take ‘BIM for renovation’ to a deep renovation level for at least 60% energy saving, and to accelerate the market uptake across the EU. In line with its mission, BIM-SPEED aims to enable all stakeholders to adopt BIM to reduce the time of deep renovation projects by at least 30% by providing them with: 1) an affordable BIM cloud platform, 2) a set of inter-operable BIM tools, and 3) standardised procedures for As-Built data acquisition, modelling, simulation, implementation and maintenance of renovation solutions. BIM-SPEED relies on a trans-disciplinary approach comprising (i) process, (ii) ICT, and (iii) social innovation with a special attention to the stakeholders as a key success factor for BIM adoption. The interoperability of a full range of BIM tools for renovation will be accommodated on an innovative BIM cloud platform, which will be launched and available free-of-charge for all stakeholders immediately from the beginning of the BIM-SPEED project. BIM-SPEED will engineer the seamless integration and quick installation of building and HVAC products for renovation into the existing buildings. Such Plug-and-Play solutions are crucial for the overall time reduction. BIM-SPEED consortium represents all players in the renovation market. Throughout a 4-year project duration, BIM-SPEED will demonstrate the holistic solution in 12 real demonstration cases. An EU-wide BIM Competition will be jointly organised by the European umbrella organisations in all disciplines (architects, HVAC engineers and construction firms) to kick-off the first market replication in more than 200 BIM-based renovation projects. BIM-SPEED will benefit from the membership of buildingSMART standardisation platform and the EU BIM Task Group to harmonize best EU practices.

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