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BIM based fast toolkit for Efficient rEnovation in Buildings



The website will inform about events, activities of the project as well as other relevant news on project topics.

Promotion material package

A brochure, other printed materials, roll-up poster will be delivered to be displayed during fairs, conferences and workshops.

Press kit

The press kit will include project presentation, press releases, information materials.

Cooperate identity package

A visual identity package will be designed, including a project logo, templates for presentations and newsletters and a website eye-catcher.

Ambient User Interface

The deliverable refers to Ambient User Interfaces, complementing the Occupants' Profiling Mechanism and enabling interaction with and input provision by building occupants through a variety of devices, aiming at the extraction of accurate context-aware occupant behaviour and comfort profiles.

Methods and tools for selecting devices and linking them to the generic model

A methodology and a tool will be developed for supporting the selection of specific devices and linking these devices to the generic model.

API, Master end user front end

The output will be the APIs, APIs documentation and the End User manual.

Report of existing techniques and recommendation of mapping technique

A report of existing mapping techniques, their pros and cons in different types of buildings and a recommendation of mapping techniques most suitable to use in this project.

Guidelines for the integration of new tools in the BIM management system

The output will be the developers and reference documentation to integrate new tools in the BIM management system.

List of service companies’ needs and requirements for BIM-based renovation processes

Report listing, for service companies, needs and requirements to be satisfied and to be verified with the Polish Association of Building Managers (as member of the Advisory Board) before being considered for the definition of ontologies and the development of the BIM management system.

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