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Working in a Collaborative Factory of the Flight Simulators Branch of RISE

Project description

Augmented reality over virtual reality in a new professional flight simulator

Flight simulation is a very important tool that minimises the financial costs and dangers to human beings and expensive systems of training in the air. It also supports scenarios of increased complexity and danger, enhancing the training experience and the preparedness of potential pilots. With the support of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the WrightBroS project is exploiting augmented reality in its prototype professional flight simulator that also simulates maintenance and servicing. The simulator will enhance the competitiveness of the European aerospace industry in addition to ensuring the safety and readiness of its pilots.


The research programme of WrightBroS project is aimed to develop a prototype of NewTechnology professional flight simulator to demonstrate how deployment of augmented reality (AR) has a potential to significantly broaden the market for these new products. The economical impact on market expansion will be achieved due to innovations at three layers: (1) technological support to “learn as you go” paradigm, (2) developing AR-based virtual maintenance and servicing system, and (3) AR-based architecture of the flight simulator (as opposed to current architectures based solely on virtual reality). Research leading to these innovations will be performed by collaborative teams from Silesian University of Technology (PL) and two HighTech companies: LG Nexera (software development company from AT), and VRM (flight simulators manufacturer from SK). Such composition not only will mobilise to the project the researchers with complementary skills but also it will provide to WrightBroS project the equipment of exceptional in Europe Virtual Flight Laboratory at SUT, resources for complex data management at NXR, and professional industrial environment for manufacturing flight simulators at VRM. Working toward attainment of scientific goals in this multidisciplinary project will rely on advanced image processing, pattern recognition, knowledge acquisition and processing, smart diagnostics methods, augmented reality technology, and aerodynamics simulation models. Common goal to achieve the qualitatively new technology will be a basis for a rich programme of mutual staff training not limited only to secondments. Particular attention will be paid to wide and efficient dissemination and communication. Due to these measures, WrightBroS project will strengthen career perspectives of participating scientists, become the foundation for lasting collaborations in exploitation of results, and increase competitiveness of European industry on world market of professional flight simulators.


Net EU contribution
€ 910 800,00
44-100 GLIWICE

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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€ 910 800,00

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