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Visual History of the Holocaust: Rethinking Curation in the Digital Age


Report on digital curation of popular culture content

This outlines the concept for curating works collected in D2.3 in a multimodal way using recent technologies.

EU Commission Policy Brief

Based on the interim findings of the project, the Policy Brief will provide policy recommendations related to the call.

Metadata integration concept

Specification paper to ensure standardised and interoperable filmgraphic and archival metadata.

Advanced digitisation tool kit

A comprehensive and tested set of recommended digitisation standards which serves as a ‘tool kit’ for cultural institutions to undertake advanced digitisation of film records. Published and disseminated online.

Controlled vocabularies specification

Controlled vocabularies specification

Concept: VHH i-docs

Concept for i-docs that construct (filmic) pathways through the repository.

Definition of engagement levels, usage modes, and user types

This is a protocol to lay the groundwork for T3.2 to T3.5, including the limits and interconnections between engagement levels.

Mind map visualising multimodal curating

This paper maps out the concept and infrastructure for a “living archive”, communicating conceptual ideas to WP5.

Project design and identity handbook

The Project Design and Identity Handbook serves as a reference guide and background document for all participants of the project. It provides information on, and guidelines for the use of the project’s corporate identity and its visual elements. It furthermore indicates basic principles for the effective communication of the project.

Ethics Guideline

Binding guide to ethical curation of Holocaust-related materials.

Framework for tool kits, best practice models and future network activities

Specification sheet on curatorial standards in defining engagement levels and cooperation between the engagement level teams.

Digitised collection of text documents related to footage and films

At least 75% of the texts indicated in the literature database, collected as pdf files processed with OCR.

Database of films, artworks and other visual culture products

This collects visual works that re-used and re-dramatised the investigated filmic records after 1945.

Literature database

This collects bibliographic data on the scholarly literature dealing with the filmic records of the liberation of Nazi atrocity sites and the original films edited from them.

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Frame Border Detection for Digitized Historical Footage

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Erweiterte Orte: Überlegungen zur virtuellen Transformation von Gedenkstätte

Author(s): Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
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Atrocity Film

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as visuelle Narrativ des Fotoalbums „Umsiedlung der Juden aus Ungarn“. Ein kritischer Blick auf die „Täterperspektive“

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Liberated on Film: Images and Narratives of Camp Liberation in Historical Footage and Feature Films

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Challenging the Perpetrators’ Narrative: A Critical Reading of the Photo Album ‘Resettlement of the Jews from Hungary’

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Commemorating from a distance: the digital transformation of Holocaust memory in times of COVID-19

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Overscan Detection in Digitized Analog Films by Precise Sprocket Hole Segmentation

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Shot Boundary Detection for Automatic Video Analysis of Historical Films

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Bildraum und Ausstellungsraum. Reenactment und Immersion?

Author(s): Ulrike Koppermann
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