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Linking Research and Innovation on Waterfront through Technology for Excellence of Resilience to face Climate Change

Project description

New strategies for urban waterfronts

Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of storms and floods, as well as high tides and sea-level rise. In turn, these weather-related events are making urban waterfront territories vulnerable. Demands for adaptation and transformation are growing. In this context, the EU-funded sosclimatewaterfront project will bring together local and international experts to develop affordable and efficient tools to enhance efforts to tackle future challenges in managing, adapting and mitigating the effect brought by the increasing number of disasters. Overall, the project’s aim is to improve sustainable research structures to find new strategies. It will improve our understanding of how urban planning, architectural design and technology are linked in water-related strategies.


sosclimatewaterfront mission is to develop affordable research environment and efficient operational tools at ULHT/LEAU and HEI partners by creating a Doctorate Consortium’s to face the effects of climate change.
The aim is to make use of the existing strategic network to enhance the research carried on in the field of urban waterfronts. To face the future challenges in managing, adapting and mitigating the effect brought by the increasing number of disasters, ULHT/LEAU has been cooperating with HEI partners to produce and disseminate solutions, that enhance resilience.
The research network will reinforce the dynamic partnerships and increase the quality and technologic innovations of the research, to design tools, to face the growing costs imposed by disasters.
S.O.S. waterfront enables ULHT/LEAU and HEI partners to bring excellence in research to a higher level and to improve its international position.
To reach excellence requires the call for (1) interdisciplinary and international research case studies, (2) steady sustainable research structure, (3) dissemination and open access of knowledge covered by different cultures, sciences and communities in each location.
The organization of data of comparative cases and algorithms will be used to provide future scenarios thus reinforcing the centre of our research project.
Our work methodology has been attracting the collaboration of top researchers which S.O.S. waterfront aims to gather in the exchange of knowledge and joint initiatives to produce results that are valuable to Europe and applicable worldwide.
The Doctorate Consortium will build up trans-national collaborative events with local Municipalities to produce results .
The measures to reach scientific innovation and excellence are implemented and verified in each step. The continuous exposure of the results produced by design research includes exhibition, publications, media and digital platforms to reach wider audiences, local and global.


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