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Green Enantioselective Halogenation for Drug Discovery and Manufacture

Project description

Towards a greener chemical industry

There is an overall consensus in the chemical industry regarding the need to introduce greener compounds, approaches and methodologies that do not impact the environment. Towards this goal, the EU-funded GreenX4Drug project is in the process of developing new catalysts in halogenation methods to introduce fluorine, chlorine, bromine or iodine atoms in organic compounds. The proposed methodology will replace metal catalysts in drug manufacture, which have a high environmental footprint, with reagents that can be recycled and are environmentally inert. Project deliverables have great potential to be used at industrial scale for drug production and can also find application in diagnosis.


The aim of this project is to bring together subject matter experts from the academic and non-academic sectors to develop and exemplify the use of new catalysts and new green reactions to manufacture important halogenated compounds that could be used in drug discovery and drug production.
In order to achieve this objective the proposal brings together 3 partners with complementary skills:
University of Naples (UNINA): expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.
KelAda Pharmachem: expertise in green chemistry, chemical batch process development and scale-up.
UCO: expertise in process engineering of continuous flow processes.
We have broken this proposal into the following separate technical Work Packages:

WP1: Preparation of new catalysts for efficient desymmetrization [WP Leader: UNINA].

WP2: Development of enantiospecific halogenation including Fluorination. [WP Leader: Kelada Pharmachem].

WP3 Drug Candidate, library creation & in vitro testing. [WP Leader: Kelada Pharmachem]

WP4 Development of flow variant and scale-up.[WP Leader: UCO}

The above WP's will be undertaken via a series of interlinked secondment of researchers between the consortium partners and will be complemented by a series of training and other initiatives to facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral knowledge sharing and exchange.



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